Update news oversupply

Wind power: investors wait for PM’s decision on Feed-in-Tariff price

The Feed in Tariff (FIT) price of VND2,000 per kwh will expire in seven months, but the price for the next period has not been fixed yet.

Vietnamese pepper farmers struggle to survive

Price reductions, stiff competition and technical barriers are pushing the Vietnamese pepper industry against the wall.

More cement plants built, raising concerns about environmental quality

VietNamNet Bridge - While other regional countries have shut down some cement plants and stopped developing new projects, Vietnam is doing the opposite.

Oversupply of apartments sparks fresh bubble fears

VietNamNet Bridge – Thousands of apartment units will be put onto the market in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the near future, leading to fears of an oversupply in real estate.

Oversupply predicted for Vietnamese beer market

VietNamNet Bridge – Though the consumption level has been increasing rapidly, having reached 3 billion liters per annum, Vietnam still has 10 percent of output in excess.

Cement manufacturers want to sell themselves to foreigners

About 20 percent of Vietnamese cement enterprises have been put on the brink of bankruptcy. The solution they most think of now is to sell themselves to foreign investors who would pump money to clear debts and restructure enterprises.

Domestic building material companies swallowed up by foreign groups

The frozen real estate market has put big difficulties on the domestic building material industry, but has brought the golden opportunities to foreign groups to take over domestic companies.

Exporters fear they may lose markets ‘cause of anti-dumping lawsuits

CAD has reported to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) that it is analyzing Thai and Indonesian petitions to apply anti-dumping measures against Vietnam’s steel exports to the markets.

Vietnam still puzzled with excess of steel imports over exports

Though the demand and consumption level dropped dramatically in 2012, Vietnam still witnessed a big gap between steel imports and exports in the context of the domestic oversupply.

Are there “red alarm” training majors?

MOET has rung the red alarm over some training majors, warning about the oversupply of the labor force in the fields. However, consultancy experts believe that they cannot see the oversupply in any business fields.

Shavings trucks get stuck at Dung Quat port

Trucks have been queuing up over the last many days at the entrance to the Dung Quat port in Quang Ngai province, waiting for their turns to delivery wood chips to big tonnage ships which would head for China.

MOF bent over with cement plants’ foreign debts

With the heavy debts of up to trillions of dong, a lot of cement companies cannot pay foreign debts. As a result, the Ministry of Finance has to come forward and pays for the loans guaranteed by the government.

After catfish processing, it’s now sugar refineries’ turn to shut down

Sugar companies have begged for the government’s urgent interventions in terms of tax rates, sugar import quotas, trade fraud control and cross-border exports to protect domestic enterprises which are at the death point.