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The guide is applied for the following subjects: Foreigners holding diplomatic passports, official passports, foreign investors, skilled workers, business managers, subjects with cooperation agreement with their relatives; international students, and foreign relatives of Vietnamese citizens from countries where Covid-19 has been controlled well.

Vietnamese citizens from other countries and those who transit in countries that have been re-connected to commercial routes by Vietnam will have to complete 14-day of
quarantine at concentrated centers.

Negative PCR required to enter Vietnam

Before entering Vietnam, those who want to enter need to register for a centralized quarantine center in Vietnam and give their detailed work schedule in the country.

They are also required to have a certificate (in English) for a negative SARS-CoV-2 tests that used RT-PCR/RT-LAMP technique that was granted 3-5 days before entry by z competent medical authority.

At the border gate, they will have to show their PCR test certificate, pass a body temperature measurement, fulfill electronic medical declaration, and install a Covid-19 traceability application on their mobile device.

If the test result is positive, they will be transported to a quarantine or hospital for treatment according to current regulations.

If there is a negative or an unknown test result or they are not tested at the border gate, they will be transported to the registered concentrated quarantine establishment.

Those who have not been tested at the border gate will be tested at the concentrated quarantine facility. If there is a positive test result, they will be transferred to an isolated medical facility for treatment. If the test result is negative, they will be still kept at the quarantine center for monitoring and medical supervision until the second test is taken.

The Ministry of Health noted that all entry cases will be tested for the second time on the 6th day from the date of entry or as soon as there are symptoms of infection. If there is a positive test result, they will be immediately isolated at the medical center.

If the second test result is negative, they are allowed to move to their accommodations to continue self-quarantine until the 14th day, according to the current guidance from the Ministry of Health. Travel from the quarantine center to their accommodations must be made by private vehicles.

The local authorities are responsible for taking test for these people on the 14th day since the date of entry or when they have symptoms of infection.

The ministry also asked provinces to have plans to organize transportation or for direct units, businesses and hotels organize travel for experts according to regulations. The travel of foreign experts within 14 days after their entry must be done by their own means and follow the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Vietnam has reopened six international air routes with: China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia. These are countries and territories that have controlled the Covid-19 epidemic well.

On September 1, Vietnam applied a minimum centralized isolation fee of VND120,000/day/person.

The fees at hotels is determined by these units. In Hanoi, there are eight hotels that are eligible to receive isolated guests, and the price ranges from VND1.2 to VND4 million per day.

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Vietnam to resume some international flights, set up quarantine process

Vietnam to resume some international flights, set up quarantine process

The aviation authorities of China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan (China) have asked Vietnam to clarify the immigration process, isolation and medical requirements for international flights.