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Update news pay-TV market

 VietNamNet Bridge – Telcos scored a spectacular goal when they got the operation licenses for pay-TV services, despite the strong protest from existing televisions. However, they are meeting a new barrier in the market.

Pay-TV market: old soldiers afraid of rookies

 VietNamNet Bridge – The appearance of the new comers Viettel and FPT on the pay-TV market could be a threat to the big guys SCTV and VCTV.

VTV – Viettel great war kicks off

The green light has turned on for Viettel,a telecom group, to jump into the pay-TV market.

The moves to be taken by Viettel when playing pay-TV games

Viettel, one of the three biggest telecom groups in Vietnam, holds for certain the “admission ticket” to the pay-TV market. What will it do to compete with the existing experienced content service providers?