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Since late 2019, there were more than 30 diplomatic notes, letters and statements from 13 countries inside and outside the East Sea region referring to positions and views on a number of legal issues in the East Sea.

Five years of PCA's ruling: no such thing as ‘power creating justice’

The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)'s ruling has been an irrevocable part of history. It will act as a “guide” for countries involved in the struggle for an order based on rules and not on “force creating justice.”


East Sea 2020: The US adjusts its policy, Southeast Asia gets tough with China

Facing China's actions, the United States increased military operations in the East Sea and adjusted its policy towards endorsing the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)'s ruling in 2016.

Four years after the East Sea ruling: Wind changes

The Permanent Court of Arbitration's ruling is the key for ASEAN countries in the fight for a law-based order with the central role of ASEAN to achieve the goal of peace, stability and dynamism.