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Nguyen Co Thach (middle) 


The bilingual 212-page book, in Vietnamese and English, depicts his life and career in four parts: his childhood (1921-1940), revolutionary career from 1940-1954, achievements as a talented and creative diplomat from 1954-1998, and his noble personality.

The book also contains around 300 photos about the veteran diplomat.

It is a gift in recognition of Thach’s contributions to the cause of national construction and defence, which helps educate young generations, particular those working in the diplomatic sector, in patriotism and national pride.

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Nguyen Co Thach was born in 1921 into a family with revolutionary tradition in Lien Minh commune, Vu Ban district, the northern province of Nam Dinh. During his engagement in revolutionary struggle, he drew rich experience and took initiatives to overcome challenges. He used to take important positions such as a member of the Politburo, Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Foreign Minister, leaving a profound imprint on the Vietnamese diplomatic sector in modern time.

Not trained as a diplomat, Thach was appointed as Vietnamese Consul General in India for the first time in 1956. He then was considered an “outsider” and had to communicate via an interpreter. But he quickly learnt to speak and write English fluently. By 1973, he had already become known among international diplomats after demonstrating excellent negotiating skills during rounds of negotiations on Paris Agreement ending the Vietnam War.

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Following national reunification, the period from 1979-1991 was one of the most challenging for the Vietnamese diplomacy when the country was under embargo. With a strategic vision, Thach made outstanding contributions via offering advices to the Party and State about measures to break the embargo, outline a new diplomatic strategy and economic policies in service of national reform.

Throughout over six decades of active revolutionary activities, in any position, Thach always demonstrated the spirit of a loyal and mettlesome communist soldier who worked all for national benefits, and successfully fulfilled assigned tasks. He has left fine impressions on Vietnamese comrades, families and international friends. In daily life, he was a simple and humane person with deep affection for the family and homeland./. VNA

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