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A Melody of Life, a photo taken by photographer Viet Thanh



With the title "Hanoi in One's Eyes", the exhibition began on January 9, showcasing photos taken from 2003 to 2019 in the changing capital.

Thanh was born in 1970 in Hanoi. After graduating from Hanoi University of Culture, Thanh became a photojournalist for Viet Nam News newspaper of Vietnam News Agency. Since 1994, with a burning passion for photography, he has been devoted to photojournalism. He took part in a media photography course organised by the Associated Press in 2001 and a course called Language of Pictures by the Berlin International Institute of Journalism in 2005.

He has won many domestic photography prizes, and was the first Vietnamese photographer to win the Golden Prize at the Asia Press Photo Contest in 2006.

He has participated in joint exhibitions in the US, Mexico, Austria, Greece, China and Australia.

"Like many others who were born and grew up in Hanoi, I nurtured a deep love for the city, I have a special emotion in front of the changes," said Thanh.

"Each corner, each tree imprints my childhood, youth, difficulty, sorrow and happiness. Every sentiment urges me to preserve the beautiful moments of Hanoi. Now I want to share this with other people, who also love the city."

"For me, Hanoi is romantic and classical. I always feel nostalgic when I go far from this homeland."

The exhibition's opening ceremony attracted many photographers and visitors.

Each one found a different emotion in front of the photos capturing familiar silhouette of the city such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Long Bien Bridge and the Old Quarter.

"The landscapes and people seen through Thanh's lens are colourful and lively," said photographer Le Bich.

"He describes Hanoi as a peaceful city with happy people, but sometimes, we can see a sigh of the photographer in front of the relics or nostalgia of the past."

The exhibition will run until January 13 at Grand Vista Hotel, 146 Giang Vo Street, Hanoi. VNS