VietNamNet Bridge – South Korean teacher Lee Sang-bok has displayed his photos of the landscapes of Viet Nam in a recent exhibition in Ha Noi.




Falling into place: Lee Sang-bok takes a picture of Ban Gioc Waterfall in the northern province of Cao Bang. — Courtesy photos of Lee Sang-bok



Having lived in Viet Nam for three years, he has travelled to almost every region to capture landscapes that deeply impressed him, as well as meaningful moments.

He sometimes travelled with a group of photographer friends, but many times he went alone on bus or motorbike.

"Through the photos, I want to share my feelings about the countries where I have lived," he said.

His photos include mountain valleys in the northernmost province of Ha Giang, golden terraced fields in late autumn afternoon in Mu Cang Chai District in Yen Bai Province, terraced fields which lush with ripening rice in the mist and smoke in Sa Pa, the pristine blue sea of Nam Dinh Province, and the golden autumn at the Sword Lake of Ha Noi.

Lee said he visited Mu Cang Chai in 2014 and waited two hours for the perfect light to take the photo.

"In South Korea, 70 per cent of the land is covered with mountains. But I am deeply impressed by the mountains in northern Viet Nam as there are a lot of beautiful valleys and terraced fields that I could not see in my country," he explains.

"It seems that Lee took the photos with all his heart and love for the country. At first, I found it hard to believe that it was a foreign teacher who took those photos. His photos make me love my beautiful country more," said Tran Thanh Khue, a visitor to the exhibition.

In 2014, he held an exhibition honouring the beauty of lotus of South Korea and Viet Nam.





A natural: South Korean teacher and photographer Lee Sang-bok.


Lee first came to Viet Nam as a tourist in 2006. He decided to come back again in 2013. Since early 2013, Lee worked as vice principal of the Korean International School in Ha Noi.

"I have loved Viet Nam since I first came," said Lee. "The more I travel through the country, the more I love it."

Before coming to Viet Nam, he was principle at a high school in Miryang city in South Korea. He nourished a passion for photography for nearly 20 years, and has travelled across South Korea and in Asia to take photos.

He will return to South Korea next month.

"I will miss Viet Nam, I'll keep good memories of the landscapes, the food and the kindness of people."

Before leaving Ha Noi, he plans to organise his third exhibition in Viet Nam and display his photos capturing the daily life of Vietnamese people.

He also plans to exhibit his photos in South Korea.

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