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Vietnam to become first country to produce vaccine for ASF

Vietnam completed the study and pilot programme of its vaccine for ASF and is expected to start commercial production from the second quarter of this year.

Official warns of illegal pork imports from Cambodia, Thailand

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai has warned localities of illegal pig and pork imports from Cambodia and Thailand.


African swine fever rocks meat industry

African swine fever remains at large in Vietnam, restricting pork supply and pushing up the price of live pigs, with livestock groups facing serious damage, and even the largest ones forced to close facilities.

Ministry acts to ensure adequate pork supply in Vietnam

The Ministry of Industry and Trade over the past few months has proposed solutions to the prime minister to stabilize the local market in the lead up to the upcoming Tet holiday early next year.

Consumer health at risk

The veterinary authority of HCMC has sounded the alarm over the rampant use of forbidden growth stimulants by farm owners to make pigs grow fast and lean to earn higher profit regardless of their side effects on consumers’ health.

New gene therapy could reverse heart failure in pigs: study

 U.S. researchers said Wednesday they have successfully tested a powerful gene therapy, delivered directly into the heart, to reverse heart failure in pigs.