Update news Planes

Hundreds of aircraft have crammed themselves into the parking area of a deserted Noi Bai Airport as the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 has seen tourism activities come to a halt and the majority of flights cancelled.

Two planes nearly collide due to mistake of trainee air-controller

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has suspended the Director of the Central Region Air Control Center after the planes of Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific nearly collided at the Da Nang International Airport on June 27.

Foreign private aircraft flock to Da Nang

 VietNamNet Bridge – For the first time, a lot of private planes have landed at the same time at the Da Nang International Airport.

Airlines spent big money to upgrade fleets

 VietNamNet Bridge – VietjetAir has decided to spend more than $9 billion to buy 100 Airbuses. Prior to that, other carriers also spent big sums of money to expand their fleets.