PM hosts heads of UN agencies in Vietnam hinh anh 1

An overview of the meeting 


The PM said that Vietnamese people experienced a tough year in 2020 but still with many achievements, noting that the country is dealing with a new COVID-19 outbreak.

He said that the recently-concluded 13th National Party Congress defined the strategy and desire for national development to 2025 with visions to 2030 and 2045. He stressed that in order to meet the country’s goal, the efforts of entire Vietnamese people as well as support and assistance from international community are significant.

Currently, Vietnam is working hard to curb the latest COVID-19 outbreak that hit the nation since late January, he said, adding that so far, the situation in hotbeds has been basically controlled.

Amid difficulties, Vietnam treasures the priceless support from foreign friends and hopes to receive more assistance, he stated.

For his part, Malhotra congratulated Vietnam on the success of the 13th National Party Congress as well as the country’s achievements in controlling COVID-19 hotbeds and protecting people’s health.

He clarified that the UN and Vietnam have shared sound relations, expressing his belief that the ties will continue to develop in the future.

The UN always prioritises strengthening partnership with Vietnam and supports the country in anti-COVID-19 vaccine, expressing his view that vaccine should be a global goods that need to be provided free to people.

Lauding Vietnam’s quick response to the pandemic, he said that the COVAX Programme is ready to deliver first vaccine lots to countries by late February.

He said he hopes Vietnam will manage to provide the vaccine for 70-80 percent of the population.

Malhotra said he hailed Vietnam’s initiative to take December 27 as the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness.

He suggested that the Vietnamese Government set up an inter-sectoral mechanism at highest level to manage people’s health issues and prevent the spread of diseases from animals to human.

Kidong Park, Representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Vietnam, expressed determination to accompany with Vietnam towards a future with strong growth. The WHO commits to continuing to cooperate with Vietnam in bilateral and multilateral mechanisms, he said.

At the meeting, the ambassadors and representatives affirmed their wish to strengthen the strong coordination with Vietnam in all fields, while supporting and working closely with the country in its national development.

PM Phuc underlined that the UN ambassadors and representatives are important partners of Vietnam. He lauded their efforts in promoting ties between the agencies and Vietnam over the years.

He extended his thankfulness for the support of the international community to Vietnam in the fight against COVID-19, and thanked the UN and WHO as well as the international community in implementing the COVAX Programme with the allocation of vaccines to 20 percent of the Vietnamese population. Vietnam hopes to receive vaccines from the programme soon, he stated.

Regarding the consumption and trafficking of wildlife, the PM clarified that the Vietnamese Government has classified this as a serious crime. The government has directed the strengthening of law enforcement and the implementation of international commitments and conventions in the field, he said, adding that Vietnam will apply drastic measures to prevent the illegal wildlife trafficking, hunting and consumption. He expressed his hope that the country will receive further support from the international community in the work.

He said that during the 13th Party Congress, the Communist Party of Vietnam gave a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance and underlined the need for the promotion of the country’s role as a responsible member of the international community, especially at the ASEAN, UN, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and Mekong Sub-Region, while deepening the partnership with important friends and partners.

The PM affirmed that Vietnam hopes to tighten partnership with international organisations and important partners, suggesting that the UN, WHO and UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) continue assisting Vietnam in realising Sustainable Development Goals, while building cooperation programmes for next periods to suit Vietnam’s development orientations.

He asked countries and organisations to support Vietnam in implementing the country’s three strategic breakthroughs as well as dual targets of combating COVID-19 and recovering and boosting socio-economic development.

On the occasion of the New Year of the Ox, the PM wished the ambassadors and representatives good health, happiness and achievements in performing their roles./.VNA