PM inspects combat readiness at public security units hinh anh 1

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc inspects combat readiness at the Public Security Guard High Command under the Ministry of Public Security. (Photo: VNA)


Visiting and extending New Year greetings to officers and soldiers of the Criminal Police Department, the Prime Minister praised their achievements in recent times.

2021 is the first year implementing the 13th National Party Congress’s Resolution, he said, underlining the importance of ensuring safety for the people in implementing the Resolution, he said.

PM Phuc asked the department to step up the fight against crime, especially during the Tet festival, while highlighting its target of reducing by at least 5 percent of the number of crime compared to 2020.

In the coming time, the department need to grasp the situation to give advice to the Central Public Security Party Committee, the Ministry of Public Security and local Party committees and authorities in order to promote the strength of the entire political system and people in crime prevention and combat.

He stressed the need to continue to step up crackdowns on crime, while building the well-trained, modern criminal police force.

On the same day, the PM visited officers and soldiers of the Home Security Department, saying that they well performed the task of giving advice to the Party, State and Ministry of Public Security in building institutions and policies on security, including ensuring security and safety for the 13th National Party Congress.

He emphasised heavy missions for the people’s public security force in 2021, including the implementation of the 13th National Party Congress’ Resolution, the entry into force of free trade agreements, and the elections of people’s councils at levels and the National Assembly.

Visiting the Public Security Guard High Command the same day, the PM praised the force for its coordination in ensuring safety for 1,740 activities of Party and State leaders, 21 international high-level delegations visiting Vietnam, 141 political events this year. Notably, they guaranteed security and safety for activities within the ASEAN Year 2020, AIPA 41, Party Central Committee’s meetings, National Assembly sessions and the 13th National Party Congress.

He asked the force to build and improve protection methods, and apply advanced science and technology in their work, while building the well-trained, modern guard force - a key force in protecting Party and State and important targets./. VNA