VietNamNet Bridge – Criminals are using social networks to buy and sell humans organs, making it difficult for police to catch offenders.


Hanoi police arrested organ and tissue trafficker, Tran Van Phuong. — VNA/VNS Photo

There have been successful cases recently where Hanoi City police have smashed large scale trafficking rings.

Notably, in these cases, the "brokers" have taken advantage of social networks, especially Facebook, to introduce and sell kidneys. Brokers hid themselves on cyber accounts in order to trade organs in a sophisticated way.

Their tricky method was to set up closed groups on social networks, even on some public websites to advertise kidneys for sale.

Pages titled "Selling, donate and buying kidney", "Want to sell kidney" were found on Facebook, according to the city investigation police.

For a long time, these social network sites have been constantly posting advertisements for the need of buying kidney. These advertisements noted clearly that people who want to sell kidneys need to do some tests first, including blood type, Hepatitis A, B, and C viruses, HIV, abdominal ultrasound, liver and kidney function tests.

After tests’ result, the kidney sellers-to-be must send to the hidden brokers on these social network sites to check. If tests meet the requirements, the brokers will contact directly to conduct the business.

Social network sites for illegal kidney trading activities have received a large amount of interaction. Many people need to sell kidneys due to their difficult circumstances or debt.

Hanoi City police on October 15 and 17, discovered two organ and tissue trafficking rings, led by Tran Van Phuong, 29, living at Bac Giang northern province’s Duong Duc Commune and Duong Van Loc, 31, residing at Hai Phong City.

Those arrested told police they used social networks to approach sellers and buyers. They are currently remanded in custody awaiting court proceedings.

Kidney sellers receive from VND250-320 million (US$10,700-13,700) each kidney while buyers have to pay VND340-450 million ($14,600-19,300) each.

Previously, the city police also arrested Truong Minh Ngoc, 32, residing in Phu Tho Province. Ngoc and his group used personal Facebook accounts to advertise people who need to sell kidneys. Police agency discovered Ngoc’s ring had been involved in about 40 cases.

Police warned patients and their families need to come to trusted hospitals and medical centres for finding information, registering to receive tissue and organs, waiting for opportunities to receive human kidney transplantation.

In addition to the role of police, the relevant agencies need to strengthen disseminating the law of human organ and tissue donating, encouraging people to donate for humane purposes. 

Source: VNS

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