Vietnam attends UN Human Rights Council’s 41st session

Women’s rights and climate change were the focus of a discussion within the framework of the 41st session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland on June 28.

Ambassador Duong Tri Dung, headof the Vietnamese permanent missionin Geneva (the third from the left ) 

The discussion, carried out on the basis of the implementation of Resolution No. 38/4 on 'Human Rights and Climate Change', waschaired by Vietnam, along with the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Addressing the event, Ambassador Duong Tri Dung, head of the Vietnamesepermanent mission in Geneva, stressed that over 70 percent of theVietnamese population, including women and girls, are suffering from impactscaused by natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena.

In implementing the national strategy on responding to climate change, Vietnam has included measures to enhance women'sresilience to climate change and their involvement in policy making on climatechange adaptation.

Vietnam has also encouraged the participation of non-governmentaland international organisations, and UN agencies in increasing the ability ofwomen in adapting to climate change, Dung said.

He underlined the importance of abiding by commitments of the UN Framework Convention and the Paris Agreement on climatechange, affirming that Vietnam stand ready to promote international cooperationin the field.

The session also heard reports from representatives of many countries andinternational and non-governmental organisations.

Speakers called to promote the leadership role in building global policies onclimate change adaptation, and increase the access to food, health, cleanwater, housing, and education for women and girl, especially in developingcountries.

Participants also shared experience and goodpractices in enhancing the role of women in coping with climate change.

At the event, President of the Marshall Islands Hilda Heine thanked Vietnam,the Philippines and Bangladesh for their efforts in promoting women’s rights,while former President of Ireland Mary Robinson highly valued Resolution 38/4and the organization of the discussion on the theme.

The 41st session of the UN Human RightsCouncil is taking place fromJune 24 - July 12. Within the framework of the event, Vietnam will attend asession to pass outcomes of the third universal periodic review cycle, and coordinatewith member countries of the Climate Change Core Group to build a draft resolution on impacts ofclimate change on the enjoyment of the rights of people with disabilities. -VNA

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