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The My Son Sanctuary management board has received five collections of ancient Cham script books – related to old rituals or worship ceremonies of the Cham people in central Vietnam – from a local collector.

Vietnam’s Do paper making craft in dire need for preservation

Vietnam’s traditional craft of making Do or poonah paper dates back thousands of years. Although this paper has been used widely in Dong Ho paintings and other Vietnamese folk art, the techniques of making Do paper are on the verge of extinction.

Old Quarter to host activities honouring poonah paper

Folk paintings printed on do (poonah) paper and how the paper is made will be introduced through the programme Vietnamese Poohnah Paper – Past and Present.

Poonah paper – a spiritual connection on the verge of oblivion

 VietNamNet Bridge – Poonah paper is used by Mong ethnic people on special occasions like death anniversaries, the New Year Festival and other ritual ceremonies.

'In the dream' promotes VN, S Korea relations

VietNamNet Bridge – In the dream, an art exhibition by established artist Nguyen Van Cuong, is one of a series of cultural activities being held by the South Korean Cultural Centre.

Ancient paper art returns to Yen Thai

The art of making poonah paper from the bark of a tree for artwork and votive offerings is being revived in Yen Thai, a village outside Ha Noi that made the product for at least 600 years.

Traditional fans blow prosperity to Chang Son Village

 VietNamNet Bridge – Despite the cooling breeze generated by modern electric fans and air conditioners, the trade of making traditional fans in Chang Son Village has been well preserved and even thriving for centuries.

French Cultural Centre hosts Nguyen The Hung's painting exhibition in Hanoi

 VietNamNet Bridge – Twenty paintings by Nguyen The Hung are on display at an exhibition entitled Da Dien (Polyhedra) in Ha Noi, featuring bright colours and sprouts that represent life.

A painter who ‘picks up pebbles' of life

 VietNamNet Bridge – Le Tri Dung's horses have acquired human dimensions and emotions, and the painter turns writer as he listens to them intently, filling up page after page.

Miniature book collector has big dreams

 VietNamNet Bridge – Painter Nguyen Thanh Dam may not be the only person with this hobby in Viet Nam, but he is the only one with such a bulky bookcase of miniature books.