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More Vietnamese choose to marry, have children at later age

Getting married at an older age, being 'afraid' of giving birth and expecting to have only one child are alarming facts in Vietnam, especially when the country’s aging is four times faster than that of other countries.

Vietnam’s economy to slow as population ages: WB report

Population aging could slow down Vietnam's long-term growth in the 2020–2050 period by 0.9 percentage points compared with the last 15 years, a new World Bank (WB) report finds.

Sending parents to nursing homes

"Young children depend on their father, but when they get old, who will they rely on? This is a matter of controversy in Vietnam.

16 million Vietnamese may not have a pension by 2030

Many countries in Southeast Asia are facing the risk of an aging population. As a result, subsidies for the elderly will gradually become a burden on governments.

The generation with only one child

Having only one child or no children has not become common in Vietnam, but it can be seen clearly in some provinces and regions.

Vietnam to become super-aging country by 2050

Vietnam will become a “super-aging” country by 2050, however, the country is not prepared to adapt to the rapid pace of aging and provide good care for the growing elderly population, heard a workshop in Hanoi on December 12.

Vietnam assisted to meet needs of aging population

JICA and WB on August 7 jointly launched a knowledge-sharing programme to assist policymakers in Vietnam with developing new models of care services for the elderly as Vietnam’s population is aging at a pace faster than any of its regional peers.

Population aging in VN among the fastest in the world

 VietNamNet Bridge – The rate of population aging in Viet Nam is progressing rapidly, so due attention should be paid to caring and protecting the elderly, 

Vietnam faces rapid population aging

Experts have warned that the transitional period from an aging population to an aged population in Vietnam will be about 18-20 years, much shorter than in other countries such as France, Sweden, the US and Japan.