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Portrait of an artist on a bridge

Passionate about painting since he was 11, Hanoian Nguyen Van Minh in Long Bien District has painted more than 6,000 pieces on the theme of love for the motherland, the country and its landscapes over the course of his 37 years as an artist.

But good fortune rarely smiles on talent. Everyone passes through difficult periods in their lives, but it seems that artists suffer even more. Those like 62-year-old Minh have to work doubly hard to overcome obstacles and pursue their passion with continued gusto.





Minh’s passion for art, though, is indeed big enough to surmount the difficulties.

“Life is fair. If you love it, it will reward you,” he said. “But things are simpler when art is only a temporary passion. It being your career is not easy. The brush may be small, but it takes a lot of courage to hold it for your whole life.”

Having dedicated himself to art for 37 years, Minh has tasted bitterness and experienced suffering. His wife died 16 years ago, leaving him to raise their children by himself. When one of his sons expressed a wish to follow in his footsteps, he had to counsel against it, as he didn’t want him to face what he had faced.

The pandemic has made the artist even more troubled. The difficulties pile up, so he takes his “spiritual children” to Long Biên, the old bridge over the Red River in Hà Nội, to sell for food.

Those crossing the bridge may have seen his “display corner”. His paintings are simple, peaceful, with a delicateness that can catch the eye of passers-by. He asks for just VND150,000 to 450,000, making many feel some sympathy.

On his first day, only two people stopped to look. On the second day, he sold three. And on the third, he had a constant flow of people admiring his works.

“I was pleased to see how well my paintings were received,” Minh said. “I still dream of having my own exhibition, or at least a few regular art sessions, but dreams are dreams. The bridge also allows me to bring my art to an audience.

“I used to worry about finding customers. Now I simply work hard and try to sell my paintings. The prospect of selling all of my works will only ever be a dream.”

The painter went on: “I sell them at an affordable price, which still gives me a little to live off once I’ve paid for painting materials. At my prices, more people can afford to buy them, because paintings in galleries are perhaps dozens of times more expensive. Not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on a painting.”

“I respect the beautiful souls of art lovers,” he went on.

“An artist draws paintings with his or her passion, and they need their paintings to be loved by others. Making money is not easy, but you must find the balance between surviving and bringing art to the audience.

“I also want to be an artist in the next life.”

The person who posted this story on social media is Phan Huu Lap, a 40-year-old from the capital’s Hai Ba Trung District, who by chance saw the artist selling his paintings on the bridge.

Wanting to help, he took photos and posted them on Facebook, and the crowd around Minh began to grow.



New painting exhibition opens at Vin Gallery

New painting exhibition opens at Vin Gallery

Vin Gallery will present the “code⭑art == marvelous” painting exhibition by Vietnamese artist KWIT from September 25 to November 7.


Mulan storm heading towards Mong Cai City

The National Center for Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting informed that at 7:00pm August 9, Mulan was located in the Northeast of Paracel Islands, about 290km Southeast of Hainan Island (China).

Building on the ASEAN Community

August 8 marked ASEAN’s 55th anniversary of establishment. Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son writes about the journey of ASEAN development and Vietnam’s contributions to the organisation.

Flight returns to Hanoi with sick Japanese passenger

A flight of national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines had to return to Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi on Monday while travelling to Japan to save a Japanese boy who suffered from severe nosebleeds.

Vietnam needs skilled workforce to become upper-middle-income economy by 2035: WB

Vietnam will need a skilled workforce to transform itself into an upper-middle-income economy by 2035, the World Bank has suggested in its recently-released report named “Taking Stock: Educate to Grow”.

Da Nang launches tourism programme to attract RoK visitors

The Da Nang Department of Tourism has recently organised a special tourism promotion in Seoul aiming to attract a large number of travelers from the Republic of Korea (RoK) to the central city in the post COVID-19 pandemic period.

Vietnamese instant noodles under the microscope in Cambodia

Cambodian authorities will conduct an inspection of instant noodles imported from Vietnam that are alleged to contain banned substances ethylene oxide said to exceed the permit limits set by the EU, according to Vietnam’s Trade Office in Cambodia.

Vietnam sees increasing investment in education: report

Investment in education in Vietnam tended to increase steadily over the past decade, according to a report by the Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES).

Vietnam's fisheries businesses face export growth slowdown

Enterprises in the fisheries sector are facing an export slowdown after strong shipments in the first months of 2022, which may subsequently affect their growth in the time ahead.

US extends duty evasion investigation into plywood from Vietnam

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has announced the extension of the deadline for issuing its final conclusion on a trade remedy duty evasion investigation into hardwood plywood imported from Vietnam.

Forest covers 42.02% of Vietnam’s total area by end of 2021

Vietnam had 14,745,201ha of forest area, of which 10,171,757 ha are natural forests and 4,573,444 ha are planted ones, including open canopy forests, as of December 1, 2021.

Da Nang, Finance Ministry top Digital Transformation Index

Da Nang and the Ministry of Finance once again topped the Digital Transformation Index (DTI) rankings for 2021, the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications announced on August 8.

“Da Nang Electronic Carnival” rave to take place on August 13-14

Residents and tourists to the central city of Da Nang are expected to have “sleepless nights” at the “Da Nang Electronic Carnival - Take Me To The Sun” festival scheduled for August 13-14.

Universities with autonomy complain about overlapping legal documents

Leaders of many universities and academies say they face many obstacles implementing the autonomy regime because of inconsistent legal framework.

The rush for 'lucky' numbers on vehicle plates begins in Vietnam

Analysts say that demand for vehicle number plates with numbers that bring good luck is very high.

HCMC draws up plan to prohibit passenger cars from entering inner city

Under a draft plan opened by the HCM City Transport Department for public opinion, the plan on prohibiting passenger cars from entering the inner city will be implemented in two stages.