PM Pham Minh Chinh shares difficulties faced by businesses and says the Government, ministries, sectors and locallities are working hard to help businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis


Addressing an online meeting with representatives of businesses, business associations and localities, Chinh affirmed the important role the business community plays in the country’s economic development, noting that despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have always accompanied, trusted and supported the Government in the fight.

However, he admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to business and production activities in especially dynamic economic regions and localities that are home to many industrial zones in the South, causing goods production, circulation and consumption to come to a grinding halt.

The PM shared difficulties faced by businesses and said the Government has introduced flexible solutions and mobilized all resources to cushion the impact of the pandemic and maintain production in the areas where the disease is spreading.

“In their capacity, the Government, ministries, sectors and localities have tried very hard to create the best conditions in terms of mechanisms and policies for businesses to maintain, restore and develop production," Chinh said.

According to the PM, the complex nature of the COVID-19 pandemic requires all ministries, sectors, localities, businesses and people to work harder to weather the crisis.

“This time is a big test for us to overcome difficulties and seize opportunities to move forward,” he stressed.

“We need to take drastic, timely and effective anti-pandemic measures to protect people’s health and stabilize their lives first. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain and restore production and business activities by all means so as to ensure that production and supply chains are not disrupted,” he continued.

The PM asked localities and business executives to carefully analyze causes, lessons to be learned and find specific, practical and effective solutions in the immediate and long-term situations.

“The Government always accompanies, cares, supports and assists businesses in difficult times, in the spirit of harmonizing interests and sharing risks,” he emphasized.


Source: VOV

COVID-19: Daily caseload hits record high at nearly 10,000, 147 more deaths

COVID-19: Daily caseload hits record high at nearly 10,000, 147 more deaths

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