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There are so numerous people with high education (bachelors, masters and PhDs) in Vietnam that they have been compared as the “yellow leaves in the autumn.”

Vietnamese consumers distracted with dirty beef imports and Chinese grapes

Over 10 tons of Australian dirty beef imports have penetrated the domestic market. Chinese grapes have been selling as Ninh Thuan brand grapes. Consumers have been told to become smarter, or they would buy dirty food.

Vietnamese spend $7-8 billion on foreign services

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese spend $1.5 billion dollars to receive training at foreign universities, $2 billion to have healthcare abroad and $3.5 billion on outbound tours.

Adults are the…barrier to sex education

The policy on saying “no” to pre-marriage sex and the scrutiny kept by parents and teachers are the biggest barriers to the sexual health education to minors.