According to PAM Air’s independent tracking systems, over the recent days, the air quality in many northern localities in Vietnam have worsened. The most serious pollution focuses in early morning and at night with the air quality index (AQI) reported at up to 150 in lots of areas or even the unhealthy levels of above 200 in some areas.

 The northern region of Vietnam is experiencing quite severe air pollution and the problem would continue in many days to come.


The index of 100-150 can badly affect the health condition of the elderly, children and those with heart and respiratory problems.

PAM Air experts said that the air pollution in Vietnam’s northern region would last for many coming days with the rise of high fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) level.

However, a representative from Vietnam Environment Administration said that this winter, Vietnamese northern localities’ air quality is better than last year.

The Ministry of Health warned that people should not go out for exercise in early morning or at night to avoid the air pollution. People also should not open doors at this time. Masks should be used for them to go out. Residents are advised to regularly check air quality. Tienphong/Dtinews

Hanoi sees air pollution exceed red-warning level

Hanoi sees air pollution exceed red-warning level

The air quality in the capital on December 7 exceeded the red-warning level, reaching purple, meaning that the air quality of the local atmosphere has reached a very unhealthy level for local residents.