Update news protectionism

Protectionism can be double-edged

The Government is mulling over the implementation of tax and credit policies aiming to boost domestic automobile assembly and manufacturing industry.

Origin fraud hurts Vietnamese steel in the long run

International free trade agreements have opened up unprecedented opportunities for Vietnamese steelmakers with the industry forecast to see robust growth.

Doors to export markets narrow for steel manufacturers

It has become more difficult to export steel products to large markets amid the strong rise of protectionism. Steel manufacturers have been advised to protect and exploit the domestic market, which is full of potential.

The door for Vietnamese products to US market narrows

Vietnamese exporters have been warned that it will be more difficult to export products to the US as the US administration has increased local production protection and tightened control over imports.

Vietnam in midst of trade war among world powers

While global trade policies take place among the world’s powerful economies, small economies like Vietnam have to sustain enormous impact from the shifts in policies.

G20 seeks to enhance trade growth in face of protectionism: China

 In the face of a "worrying" rise in protectionism, trade ministers from the world's major economies have agreed to cut trade costs, increase policy coordination and enhance financing,