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Ministry of Transport (MoT) has asked provinces and cities to urgently update and add types of goods that are allowed to travel during the lockdown...

Technology helps Vietnam in Covid-19 battle

Technological solutions recommended by the Ministry of Information and Communications have contributed to helping many provinces in Vietnam detect, localize, and prevent the spread of Covid-19 while maintaining a "new normal" life.

Vietnam lodging facilities required to publish QR Codes for tourists to check safety level

Visitors can check out the safety level of destinations via the “Vietnam safe travel” app.

Vietnam uses high-tech solutions against Covid-19

Facing the complicated development of epidemic, many provinces have ordered local people to apply technology solutions such as filling out electronic medical declarations by scanning QR codes and installing the Covid-19 tracking app Bluezone.

Cash payment habits change in Asia Pacific

Under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the interest in new payment technologies is growing in the Asia-Pacific region.

E-wallet, QR Code favored by Vietnamese

Forms of digital payment have become more popular in Vietnam, particularly e-wallets and QR codes.

HCM City pilots QR code on street signs

The HCM City Department of Transport has piloted the installation of QR readers under street name signs that provide the streets’ historical facts, background information and designated names.

Payment with QR Code increasingly popular in Vietnam

Vietnamese are making more payments with QR Code thanks to its utility, security and promotion programs launched by service providers.

Vietnam sees surge in popularity of contactless payments

The popularity of contactless payments has rocketed in Vietnam over the last few years, with banks launching more options for customers to enjoy going cashless.

Special repatriation flight for stranded Thai nationals in Vietnam

The Royal Thai Embassy in Hanoi on April 17 announced that it is organizing a chartered repatriation flight for approximately 100 Thai nationals who are stranded in Vietnam due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

Health declaration required for all foreign guests at hotels in Vietnam

For guests who have not declared their health status at immigration checkpoints, hotel staff should assist them to declare on the website or via application on mobile phone.

HCM City could become fintech hub: experts

HCM City, the country’s commercial hub, has the potential to become a fintech hotspot of the country and region, according to experts.

The face of delivery market determined by app race

Analysts believe that delivery services offering the shortest delivery time thanks to technology applications will win the market.

How to detect genuine goods from fake goods

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung, speaks to Hải Quan (Customs) Online about how to differentiate genuine goods from fake products.

Non-cash payments finally becoming more popular in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Non-cash payment channels such as QR Code, mobile banking, internet banking, e-wallet and non-touch cards have become more popular in Vietnam.

Is QR Payment technologically preeminent?

Making payment via QR Code is now popular in Vietnam as a series of commercial banks, e-wallets and intermediary payment institutions have launched QR Pay feature on mobile apps and mobile banking services.

Usage of mobile payment methods soars

VietNamNet Bridge - Payments with QR Code technology on smartphones has become popular in Vietnam, thanks to its convenience and safety.

Payment with QR code booms in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Payments for many different kinds of goods and services, from air tickets to electricity bills, can be made by scanning QR codes with mobile cameras.

Vietnam’s fintech market value expected to reach $8 billion by 2020

VietNamNet Bridge - Finance technology solutions are growing rapidly in Asia Pacific. In Vietnam, all conditions are favorable to pave the way for the fintech market to boom.