A conference reviewing achievements in broadcasting was held several days ago in Binh Dinh. Distributing content on digital platforms was one of the issues at the event.

Do Le Thang from the Digital Content Production Center under the National Assembly Television said the center is finalizing the last version of the draft strategy on National Assembly television to 2030, which focuses on production and distribution.

According to Thang, the agency produces content and gathers resources to improve the quality of products. This is difficult work which takes a lot of time, but it is inadequate for the development of the agency. If interesting TV programs cannot reach the audiences, press agencies will fail to conduct the work of propaganda.

Thang believes that necessary and sufficient conditions for internet TV to develop are reasonable smart TV prices and internet connection fees, and high-speed and stable access to the internet. TV watching apps (OTT) will be important content distribution channels for National Assembly TV.

In addition to presence on Channel 7 on most TV watching apps, such as TV360, VTVGo, MyTV, FPT Play, VieON and ClipTV, the agency has been expanding its distribution channels by providing VOD (videos on demand) on the most popular TV watching TVs in Vietnam.

The distribution of mainstream content in the internet environment requires reporters and editors to ‘re-create’ content to make it suitable to the specific characteristics of every platform and consumers’ habits on the platforms.

Vietnam National Assembly Television also considers social network platforms an effective communication environment for National Assembly activities and for its brand. TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Zalo channels managed by National Assembly TV have had 800 million views, though they just kicked off in early 2022.

Vo Thanh Nhan, deputy director of Vinh Long Radio and Television, said digital transformation can create differentiation and serve an important solution for sustainable development, including putting content on digital platforms. The agency now has 48 YouTube channels, six channels with golden buttons and 33 with silver buttons. The channels have 30 million followers and have attracted 20 billion views.

Nhan said that putting content on digital platforms helps bring higher revenue to the broadcasting unit, because ads are moving from television to digital platforms and social networks.  Currently, its sources of revenue via digital platforms mostly come from YouTube, livestreams on Facebook, and THVLi, a free TV watching app.

Trong Dat