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Quang Binh rangers collect over 1,000 wildlife snares

Rangers and patrol forces have removed and collected more than 1,000 snares in Le Thuy District’s Dong Chau forest.


Female forest ranger has passion for hard work

Pham Thi Thu Hien, 37, starts her day by grabbing her backpack before trekking through dozens of kilometres of forest with her colleagues.


Loggers arrested for machete attack on rangers

Police have arrested five illegal loggers who allegedly attacked a forest ranger in Yók Đôn National Park.


Rangers to protect elephant herd in Quang Nam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Forest rangers were ramping up efforts to protect the seven-elephant herd which recently showed up at the forest edge in Quang Nam Province’s Que Lam Commune, the unit head said.

Four rangers arrested for negligence over illegal logging

 VietNamNet Bridge – The central city's investigation police have arrested four persons for violating forest exploitation and protection regulations in the special-use Ba Na-Nui Chua zone.

Protecting swamp cypress treasures in Vietnam

Swamp cypress only left in China and Vietnam. Rare wood collectors are urgently hunting this especially rare plant, putting the protection task of this rare species in numerous challenges.