To Ha Dong Nghi facebooker posted "achievement" alone driving a motorbike from HCM City to Hanoi on 19 hours 45 minutes. Photo taken from To Ha Dong Nghi's facebook

A Facebook account called To Ha Dong Nghi has been posting photos and information about this young man who allegedly covered the 1,700km in just 19 hours 45 minutes, including short breaks to eat and refuel.

"I am 25 years old, and have just completed my motorbike trip across the country. I was going at full speed and it took me 19 hours 45 minutes from HCM City to Hanoi."

According to traffic experts, to make the trip from HCM City to Hanoi in 20 hours, he would have needed to be travelling at an average speed of 85km/h.

For motorbike driver on Highway 1, the speed limit is 60km/h in densely populated areas, and 70km/h on open stretches.

Except for short breaks, traffic experts estimated he would have been driving at full speed regardless, and in doing so breaking the speed limit.

In a dispatch to the Traffic Police Department, the National Traffic Safety Committee said that if the story was true, To Ha Dong Nghi had seriously violated traffic regulations.

He could have caused a serious accident and should be strictly punished, it added.

So, there we have a case of the fast and the furious! VNS

Stricter punishments for driving offences drafted

Stricter punishments for driving offences drafted

The Ministry of Transport is drafting a decree, stipulating stiffer fines for some of the most dangerous traffic law violations, especially on highways.

Police get tough on foreigners who violate traffic rules

Police get tough on foreigners who violate traffic rules

The National Traffic Safety Committee has directed authorities in cities and provinces to strictly handle foreigners' traffic violations and ensure traffic safety on the roads.