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Vietnam in favourable position in new int’l economic order thanks to EVFTA: expert

Associate Professor, Dr. Chu Hoang Long from the Australian National University (ANU) on May 23 expressed his belief that the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), once effective, will boost two-way trade thanks to eased tax barriers.

Beer brewers foresee 30-70 per cent drop in profit due to COVID-19

The dual pressures from COVID-19 and Decree 100 force beer manufacturers to cut 30-70 per cent of their target profits this year.

Constitution, six laws to take effect on January 1st

 The recently-adopted amended Constitution and six new laws will come into force on January 1, 2014.

Policies made in air-conditioned rooms

According to a source from the Government Office, in the Government's regular meeting last month, government leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the last drafts that were submitted to the government for approval.

The policies that take effect on March 15

Those who experienced cosmetic surgeries will not be allowed to participate in beauty pageants; specimens and products made from white rhino, black rhinos and African elephants will be banned from export, import, trading, etc.

SOEs always too late to dismiss incapable CEOs

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of state owned enterprises (SOEs) would be dismissed if their businesses take loss for two consecutive years.

Foreign investors in VN believe they are sitting on gold mine

Despite some worries about Vietnam’s national economy performance, foreign investors in Vietnam still believe that Vietnam is a “gold mine.”

Justice Ministry asks for review on funeral provisions for public employees

Nearly 10 days since the decree on funeral of public employees takes effect, the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Document Inspection Bureau has requested to review the decree on organizing funerals of public employees.

Provisions of registration of dogs and cats cause mixed reaction

According to the new regulations, the owners of dogs and cats will have to register with the People's Committees of communes and wards. However, there is doubt of feasibility of the regulations.