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Investors in 65 renewable energy projects seek pricing talks with EVN

Investors in 65 out of the total 85 renewable energy transition projects, with a combined capacity of 3,640 MW, have written to Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) proposing pricing negotiations before purchase agreements are reached.

Copper price downtrend creates momentum for VN’s renewables

As the world has reduced its dependence on traditional non-renewable energy sources, industrial metals, especially copper, will become an indispensable material for the transformation to green energy.

EVN fixes provisional prices for 20 transitional wind-power projects

Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Electric Power Trading Company (EPTC) has received dossiers from 37 out of 85 transitional renewables projects for electricity price negotiations.

Ministry approves electricity prices for 19 renewable energy projects

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has approved the provisional electricity prices for 19 wind and solar power plants with a total capacity of around 1,400MW.

Electricity prices approved for 15 renewable energy projects

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has approved the provisional electricity prices for 15 wind and solar power plants after its negotiations with the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN).

3% electricity price rise has little impact on households: EVN

According to Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and some independent experts, the 3 percent electricity price will help EVN have an additional VND8 trillion, and will have only a small impact on households and the economy.

Power plan focuses on gas-fired power, export of renewable energy

The Prime Minister has signed Decision 500/QD-TTg dated May 15, 2023 approving the national power development plan for 2021-2030 with a vision towards 2050. The plan is known as PDP 8.

Vietnam urged to prioritise renewable energy development

As energy demand continues to rise and domestic sources of fossil fuels for electricity generation become increasingly scarce, ensuring national energy security has become a pressing issue that requires a long-term vision.

Developed countries do not consider solar panels as hazardous waste: government

The government says that no developed country considers solar panels as hazardous waste. It has proposed collecting and treating expired solar panels.

The investment differences between renewable and coal-fired power

While investment in renewable power was 480 percent higher than planned, investment in thermal power sources only neared 60 percent, according to a government report.

Renewable investors voice grievances over price negotiations, delays

Wind and solar power investors continued to voice their grievances over difficulties in price negotiations and extending project deadlines with the Power Trading Company (EVNEPTC), a subsidiary of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) Group.

Eighth power-development plan prioritizes clean electricity sources

The newest draft of the eighth national power development plan (PDP 8) sets priorities for the development of renewable power, which has been applauded by international institutions.

Raising retail electricity prices, EVN has VND1 trillion more a month

With the 3 percent retail electricity price increase from VND1,864.44 per kwh to VND1,920.3732 per kwh, commencing from May 4, EVN will have VND8 trillion more from now to the end of 2023.

Renewable energy projects complain about regulatory bottlenecks

Renewable energy companies in the country have recently proposed the Government remove regulatory bottlenecks faced by their solar and wind power projects, reported the local media.

Wind-power future is in doubt

The future for investors of wind power projects remains unclear.

Rooftop solar power systems may go bankrupt under new requirement

Many rooftop solar power investors have been told to submit construction permits to legalize their projects.

Distinct renewable energy law may be required tonic

Legislation for renewable energy could become the corridor to draw in more resources and assist Vietnam’s energy industry in overcoming its low level of development.

EVN’s electricity production costs exceed VND2,000/kwh

The ministry late last week held a press conference announcing the results of the inspection of EVN’s electricity production costs in 2021 and 2022.

Development pace picking up in energy

Wealthy foreign investors in energy are expanding their long-term strategies in Vietnam while many ongoing projects that missed the feed-in tariff deadline are struggling to find a revenue balance.

Renewable power developed at lightning speed but has slowed down

In 2017-2021, Vietnam saw a boom in solar and wind power development. After 2021, development, however,  slowed down as the pricing policy remained unclear.