Recently, restaurants and pubs in Hanoi have become more quiet than usual. 
A barbecue shop on Phung Hung Street, which opens from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m, sells only 3 sets of grilled meat, even on a weekend. 
Barbecue and beer shops on the roads of Nguyen Van Tuyet, Lang and Nguyen Van Huyen are also empty at dinner time. 
Surrounded by many universities, restaurants on Chua Lang Street are quiet.
The number of diners to Mr. Hiep's restaurant has decreased sharply since early February. “Since the police tightened control of the alcohol content of drivers, the amount of drink consumption at my restaurant has dropped by 50%," Hiep told VietNamNet.
A hot pot restaurant on Chua Lang Street, which used to be very crowded before.
“In the past 10 days, the number of diners has decreased by nearly 80%," said Mr. Vu, the restaurant owner.
Many beer shops are in the same situation. In the photo: A beer shop on Lang Street.
To attract more people to the shop, Mr. Thang (manager) installed a large TV but this has not been effective. 
A quiet beer shop on Tran Thai Tong Street.
"Previously, we used six pigs every day to meet demand, but now it is only three," said Mr. Linh, the shop owner.
A pub on Lang Street.

Anh Nguyen