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Modern retail chains have been competing with traditional markets for 10 years. Despite powerful financial capability, they still have not been able to defeat traditional markets.

Draft proposal on supermarket management faces criticism

Some economists say they cannot understand why the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) wants to issue a circular on supermarket and shopping center management.

The Gioi Di Dong closes 300 stores, eliminates 2 brands

The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World - MWG), which has had an ambitious plan to enter all retail market segments, from luxury to common products, has unexpectedly closed hundreds of stores.

Digitizing traditional markets – $10 billion potential

Traditional markets and groceries still hold the largest share of the consumer retail market, but new business models are scrambling for a piece of the pie.

Retail property market saw many changes in 2020 due to pandemic: Savills

The COVID-19 pandemic caused retail revenue to drop sharply in 2020, impacting the domestic retail property market, according to Savills Vietnam.

Covid-10 sparks new competition in fresh food market

Selling fresh food online is a service provided by supermarkets, but e-commerce firms and technology platforms have jumped on the bandwagon recently.

Big retailers vie for Vietnam's FMCG market share

While seeking new growth, many big companies, from The Gioi Di Dong (phone distributor) and Petrolimex (petroleum distributor) to Son Kim Retail are targeting the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector.

Convenience stores still popping up everywhere

VietNamNet Bridge - With average annual growth rate of 10 percent and revenue of $150 billion in 2018, the Vietnamese retail market is full of potential, especially for convenience stores.

Are Vietnamese producers content with ODM?

VietNamNet Bridge - Every year, retailers from the east to the west, including Walmart, Fairprice and LotteMart, travel around the world and come to Vietnam to seek suppliers.

Convenience store chains expand rapidly in big cities

VietNamNet Bridge - Convenience stores have been developing rapidly in Vietnam, with foreign retailers having the upper hand.

Convenience retail giants expand networks slowly in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - 7-Eleven, which has been prospering in Thailand, and GS25, which dominates the South Korean market, still have not fulfilled their plans to expand retail networks in Vietnam.

Many convenience stores shut down as market is too harsh

More foreign retailers have flocked to Vietnam as they believe the market is promising. But many retailers have had to leave because of stiff competition.

Foreign investment funds target market for mothers and kids

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is a promising $7 billion market for companies which provide goods and services for mothers and children.

Company chains: hidden pitfalls can deter progress

VietNamNet Bridge - The rapid expansion of food & beverage, restaurant and pharmacy chains in the last few years has led to the general opinion that they are easily profitable. But there are pitfalls that companies must be aware of. 

Are Vietnamese manufacturers afraid of Thai products?

VietNamNet Bridge - The first warning about the ‘Thai goods threat’ was given two years ago when Thai groups took over a number of retail chains in Vietnam. 

Retail premises in HCM City’s CBD in high demand

Even though retail premises in the central business district (CBD) of HCMC are becoming more scarce and the rents are increasing, premises far from the center are still unpopular with new retailers.

Manufacturers must compete with supermarkets’ private brands

VietNamNet Bridge - The products which bear retailers’ own private brand account for a small proportion in the Vietnamese market. 

Vietnam’s convenience store market not easy to exploit

VietNamNet Bridge - While 7-Eleven expands its business in the Vietnamese retail market, Family Mart has decided to stop injecting more money into the chain in Vietnam because of losses.

More toy chain stores open in promising market

VietNamNet Bridge - Simple toys in thin plastic bags were commonly seen in shops near traditional markets years ago. Today, toys are displayed in modern shopping malls or supermarkets. 

Foreign fashion firms consider Vietnam a ‘gold mine’

VietNamNet Bridge - Zara opened its first shop on September 8 to big crowds, and H&M is expected to arrive in Vietnam early next year.