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The Hanoi People’s Court on June 1 sentenced Nguyen Van Pho to five years in prison for violating regulations on the protection of endangered, precious and rare animals.

Rhino horns and ivory seized upon arrival at Vietnamese airport

Customs officers at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi stated on November 12 that they have stopped two separate incidents of trafficked rhino horns and ivory handicraft products being smuggled into Vietnam.

Hanoi's man held for keeping rhino horns

 VietNamNet Bridge – A man from the capital city is being investigated for keeping 18 pieces of animal horns at his house in Hoang Mai District, 

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Song Hong race to raise awareness of rhino protection

The Song Hong 2015 Half Marathon will be held at the Ciputra Urban Area in Hanoi on December 13 under the theme “Run for Rhinos”, with the goal of raising public awareness of rhino poaching to serve the demand for rhino horns in Vietnam and China.

Singapore intercepts tusks and rhino horns bound for Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Singapore authorities have seized nearly 2,000 pieces of ivory tusks and four rhino horns from shipping containers from Kenya on their way to Vietnam.

Photos: Diamonds, rhino horns, antiques on display at new museum

 VietNamNet Bridge – At the newly-inaugurated Customs Museum on Duong Dinh Nghe Road, Hanoi, exhibits of unique materials and artifacts are displayed in containers.

Vietnam urged to reduce demand for rhino horns

VietNamNet Bridge – Rhinos are being driven to extinction due to the demand for their horns and Viet Nam is considered the main market for them, experts have said. 

Vietnam may destroy smuggled rhino horns, elephant’s tusks

 VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is considering destroying the rhino horns and elephant tusks seized in smuggling cases as the way to confirm that Vietnam does not allow trade and consumption of wildlife.

Airport customs officers seized over 5kg rhino horns

 VietNamNet Bridge – More than 5kg of rhino horns were seized by customs officers at Tan Son Nhat Airport yesterday, May 20, while being smuggled into Viet Nam.

Debate rages on nation's role in rhino crisis

VietNamNet Bridge –Viet Nam News reporter Le Quynh Anh discussed Viet Nam's role in the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa with parties involved in a recent meeting on the future of rhinos.