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Mekong Delta seeks to boost rice productivity in face of climate change

Improving profits for rice growers is always a concern of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), as well as the rice processing and trading business community.

Australian, Vietnamese experts develop new rice variety to tackle climate change

SunRice, Australia’s largest rice supplier, will partner with Australian and Vietnamese researchers to develop a new variety of rice that helps farmers in the Mekong Delta adapt to climate change.

3.8 million hectares of rice will be under open plan, not fixed: minister

Vietnam’s agriculture is experiencing a restructuring in order to increase seafood and fruit production, and to decrease rice production.

Mekong Delta farmers back away from rice as input costs rise

Rice farmers in many Mekong Delta provinces are reducing rice cultivation over rising prices of inputs like fertilisersnbsp;and pesticides.

Measures for helping Mekong Delta farmers break the stranglehold of rice paddy

According to Prof. Vo Tong Xuan, honorary rector of Nam Can Tho University, to spur the Mekong Delta's development, the  Government should implement the regional planning in a concrete way in line with natural conditions.


Gov’t plans rice farming changes due to new climate

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese Government is taking drastic measures in restructuring agricultural production to adapt to climate change, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development  Nguyen Xuan  Cuong said yesterday.

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