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A scientific article on Truong Thi Thuy Trang's project on a new material made from rice husks, an agricultural by-product, that removes antibiotics in wastewater has been published in an ISI-Q1 international scientific journal.


University research team makes rechargeable batteries out of rice husks

 A team of researchers and students at the HCM City University of Science have succeeded at making a prototype lithium-ion rechargeable battery from rice husks, a common agricultural waste in Vietnam.


Researcher creates innovative paint from rice husks

 VietNamNet Bridge – Dr Nguyen Thi Hoe is the foremost Vietnamese female scientist to successfully research and produce Kova paints using rice husk-derived nanomaterials to capture one of the hard-to-please Asian markets, Singapore.

Vietnam builds first power plant fueled by rice husks

 VietNamNet Bridge – The first thermal power plant project using rice husks in Vietnam is expected to begin in late December, in an area of 9 hectares in the town of Long My, Hau Giang province, with a total investment of approximately $31 million.