Russia-Ukraine conflict

Update news Russia-Ukraine conflict

The fact that many shipping lines have closed shipping routes to and from Russia can create opportunities for Vietnamese ship owners to increase their market share in the future.

Vietnam’s aviation industry suffers from Russia-Ukraine conflict

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has had an impact on Vietnam’s aviation as airlines have had to change routes and flight activities.

Local airlines grapple with soaring costs amid Russia-Ukraine conflict

The Russia-Ukraine military conflict has caused a significant impact on the Vietnamese civil aviation sector, with carriers struggling to cope with soaring costs, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

Ukraine conflict, COVID make it double-whammy for Vietnamese businesses

Businesses in Vietnam are facing new challenges brought by the Russia – Ukraine conflict in addition to lingering COVID-19 problems.

Does the Russia-Ukraine conflict affect Vietnam's cyberspace?

The impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is difficult to quantify, but critical systems need to be ready to respond to attacks and malware propagation, experts said.

Russia-Ukraine war affects fertilizer supply of Vietnamese farmers

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has seriously affected fertilizer supply, causing fertilizer prices to increase by 8-12 percent. Vietnam imports more than 5 million tons of fertilizer each year.