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Sandbox mechanism needed to protect employees in public sector

To overcome harsh challenges ahead, there should be a sandbox mechanism to create momentum for and protect the public sector.

P2P lending policy is hot issue on National Assembly’s agenda

Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Nguyen Thi Hong says the lack of a legal framework for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has caused many problems. Ministries plan to issue legal documents on the issue soon.

Fintech ‘sandbox’ needs clear legal landscape

Investors say that Vietnam's Fintech market, including e-wallets, is "extremely explosive", "fertile" and "attractive". But asked if they will invest in these fields, they say no.

Regulatory sandbox still absent in Vietnam

A regulatory sandbox is still absent in Viet Nam, although this concept has been talked about for years.

VN State Bank to regulate fintech banking

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has been developing a sandbox for fintech banking and gathering feedback on a draft regulating the sector.

Vietnam’s Law on Digital Technology Industry needs legal framework for sandbox, digital assets

The Ministry of Information and Communications has proposed developing a Law on Digital Technology Industry with new content.


Mobile Money paves way to apply 'sandbox' for new services

The trial Mobile Money service allowed by the Prime Minister will set a precedent for applying a "sandbox" scheme for new services and professions in digital society.

Decree for Fintech sandbox to be submitted in Q4

The Government has issued a resolution to create a sandbox for financial technology (Fintech) in the country’s banking sector.

Mobile Money: one decision benefits millions of people

With Mobile Money, people in mountainous areas or islands can remit money and make payments for goods and services through SMS on their mobile phones.

Regulatory sandbox: the key to fintech success

The Vietnamese fintech startup ecosystem is now home to more than 150 companies and brands, covering a broad range of services from digital payments and alternative finance to wealth management and blockchain.  

Appeals for sturdy sandbox direction

The new economic models of transportation, lodging services, fintech, energy, and digital entertainment are expected to drive the sharing economy in Vietnam if regulatory sandboxes become more readily available. 

Billion-dollar fintech market awaits sandbox for breakthrough

Regulators are working to finalise the sandbox for healthy market development, accelerating economic growth that will help Vietnamese fintech companies bloom.

Opportunities could be missed if no sandbox model is developed in Vietnam

Opportunities will slip through Vietnamese firms’ hands if a sandbox is not developed soon, NextTech chairman Nguyen Hoa Binh said at a conference on November 7.