The program provides selected students with financial support as well as personal development training. Since then, more than 5,500 dreams have been empowered by SCG through this program, with a total funding of up to VND38 billion. 

SCG Sharing the Dream Scholarship 2023 welcomed more than 600 applications from students across the country, who have not only a great passion for study but also a desire to sharpen their mindset about sustainable development, and thus can join hands to build a better future for their communities. 

This year, SCG Sharing the Dream Scholarship program particularly aims to support and empower over 100 young individuals as change-makers, providing them with opportunities to pursue their dreams and acquire knowledge in sustainable development, ultimately shaping them into the Steady-Sustainable Generation. This scholarship program is a testament to SCG's ongoing commitment to the ESG strategy (E-Environmental, S-Social, G-Governance) and its dedication to reducing social inequality through education.

“We tirelessly seek opportunities to accompany and support these individuals on their journey towards quality education and a promising future, empowering them to become change-makers in their communities and pay forward their dreams. We believe that investing in the education of these talented individuals will not only benefit them but also contribute to the overall development of Vietnam. Together, we can create a generation of change-makers who will lead the way towards a sustainable and prosperous future,” Mr. Praween Wirotpan, General Director of SCG Vietnam.

SCG’s General Director empowers Steady-Sustainable Generation, aiming to reduce social inequality

In its 16th year, the SCG Sharing the Dream Scholarship program not only provides financial support but also inspires and equips the recipients with the necessary knowledge and skills to become leaders in sustainable development. SCG Sharing the Dream 2023 also organized a series of ESG activities such as: ESG Workshop, Factory Visit, ESG Project,... to create a solid foundation for future generations. These activities received enthusiastic response from students, as they helped them gain a deeper understanding of ESG, as well as help them make specific plans to pursue their goals.

ESG Workshop for Sharing the Dream scholars

Two outstanding representatives among the recipients of the SCG Sharing the Dream scholarship, Nguyen Trong Tinh and Nguyen Thi Cam Ly have learned necessary skills and developed sustainable community-oriented projects through participating in programs funded by SCG. 

The SCG Sharing the Dream scholarships has empowered Trong Tinh and Cam Ly to achieve many high academic achievements. SCG's ESG training courses also provided motivation for these young people to actively participate in many ESG activities domestically and internationally, especially to inspire future generations. With outstanding achievements, Trong Tinh and Cam Ly became the ESG Ambassadors 2023, accompanying SCG in the mission of spreading the spirit of ESG.

Trong Tinh said: “SCG's scholarship and financial support have helped my dream come true. Through training programs and exposure to ESG thinking, I have expanded my perspective and useful knowledge. Winning the ESG Ambassador contest and representing Vietnam at the ESG Symposium in Thailand were experiences that made my great transformation. It motivated me towards deeper commitments in contributing to positive changes for the community."

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Trong Tinh - SCG's ESG Ambassador has inspired and actively spreading the practice of ESG to community

“SCG believes that by opening up opportunities to access quality education and nurturing the potential of promising individuals, we can bring about many positive changes and contribute to creating a bright future, better and fairer for the community.” -  Mr. Praween Wirotpan conclusion.