Khánh Hoà Province's authorities come to check on the students who were allegedly suffering from food poisoning. Photo

Around 800 students from a school in the south-central city of Nha Trang are suspected of having food poisoning, with 148 admitted to hospital. 

The students are from Ischool Nha Trang. After eating a lunch consisting of rice and fried chicken wings, boiled chicken, and pork soup on Thursday, hundreds of students began suffering abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever.

They were taken to Khánh Hoà Province Hospital, 22/12 Hospital, Vinmec Hospital and Saigon Nha Trang Hospital. 

As of noon on November 18, 148 students had been hospitalised. 

All are in a stable condition. 

According to the provincial health department report, about 800 students of Ischool suffered from food poisoning. 

Phạm Hữu Bình, principal of Ischool, said samples of the food served on November 17 had been sent to the Medical Center for inspection. 

The province's Department of Health said the total number of those suffering from food poisoning may still rise. — VNS