The city on Wednesday (October 27) began vaccinations for 1,800 students aged 16-17 years in Cu Chi District and District 1. 


The department on October 27 submitted the draft plan to the city People’s Committee for approval.

According to the department, based on the pandemic risk levels in districts and Thu Duc City, schools would be allowed to reopen.

In low and moderate risk levels, if private schools ensure safety criteria in COVID-19 prevention and control issued by the People’s Committee, they will be allowed to provide semi-boarding or boarding services and have buses pick up their students.

Universities in the city will be allowed to reopen if they meet the safety criteria. Students and teachers are required to be fully vaccinated.

In high-risk areas, schools will collaborate for both online and on-site teaching. They will not be allowed to organise outside activities. Their first, second, sixth, ninth, and 12th graders will be given priority to learning on-site at schools. They will go to schools at different times to avoid mass gatherings and ensure safe distancing.

The number of students at schools will be limited in line with safety criteria issued by the People’s Committee.

In extremely high-risk areas, schools will continue online teaching. Teachers will guide parents to assist their children in using electronic devices safely and effectively.

At the kindergarten level, children will go to school for only one shift. Breakfast will not be provided and children will not stay at the kindergarten during the day. Kindergartens will divide children into two groups in the morning or afternoon.   

Each week, the educational division in districts and Thu Duc City will assess their safety levels and other conditions and may allow breakfast, staying at the kindergarten during the day, and not dividing the number of children in each classroom. 

Schools, especially kindergartens, are expected to review their number of teachers and managers and plan to recruit more if necessary.

Teachers who have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to returning will be allowed to teach at schools. 


Vaccinations have been given to 1,800 students aged 16-17 years in Cu Chi District and District 1. On Thursday (October 28), students aged 16-17 years in other districts and Thu Duc City are expected to be vaccinated. Districts that have not yet ensured safety will have to delay reopening.

The city has more than 1.3 million students from primary to high school and continuing education levels. They have been learning online since September.

About 400 first, second, sixth, ninth and 12th graders on Thanh An Island at Can Gio District have returned to school.

Source: Vietnam News

Parents, experts have different views about reopening schools

Parents, experts have different views about reopening schools

Students in Hanoi may be able to return to school as the city has been listed as a green zone. However, no final decision has been released.

Twenty three localities allow students back to school

Twenty three localities allow students back to school

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