Secretariat expels provincial officials from Party hinh anh 1
A police officer reads a decision to detain former Vice Chairman of Ha Nam provincial People's Committee Truong Minh Hien (Photo: VNA)

The Secretariat looked into wrongdoings of four members. They include Nguyen Dong, member of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board and head of the provincial Party Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, who used to lead the provincial Party Committee's Commission for Internal Affairs and serve as the standing deputy head of the province's steering committee for corruption and negative phenomena prevention and control.

Two other members under the analysis were former officials of Ha Nam province, who are Truong Minh Hien, former member of the provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board and former Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, and Vu Huu Son, former member of the provincial Party Committee and former Director of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The fourth on the list was Maj. Gen. Do Huu Ca, former member of the Hai Phong municipal Party Committee’s Standing Board and former Director of the municipal Department of Public Security.

Considering proposals by the Party Central Committee’s Inspection Commission, the Secretariat concluded that the four have shown degradation in political thought, morality, and lifestyle. They have also violated the regulations on the things Party members must not do and on the responsibility for setting good examples. They have broken the Party’s rules and the State’s laws, causing “very serious” consequences, making heavy losses to the State’s money and asset, negatively affecting their Party organisations’ reputation, and stirring public concern.

Based on the content, nature of their wrongdoings and on the Party’s rules on disciplining violating Party members, the Secretariat decided to expel the four from the Party.

It also asked relevant agencies to carry out administrative disciplinary measures for the abovementioned individuals in accordance with the Party’s disciplinary action in a timely manner./. VNA