Sprudge, a US blog focusing on "coffee news and gossip", has recently listed seven modern coffee shops across Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, that are worth a visit by coffee lovers.



Not the widely-known franchise Cong Café, which goes global with the opening in South Korea or Malaysia, not the decades-old cafés that were noted in some articles on CNN, etc. but it’s the “Third Wave coffee shops” that are building a new side to Vietnamese coffee.

“The city still maintains a sprawling and engrained everyman’s cafe culture. Until recently, the Vietnamese were firmly dedicated to their own coffee tradition, making art of roasting and brewing thick, brain-shudderingly strong Robustas”, Sprudge wrote.

But the new generation of coffee shops combining the best of the country’s beans with the imported coffees to make absolute fancy and inspiring beverages to enjoy.

If Kafeville was heeded as “a key role in driving the city’s movement for better coffee over the past three years” with coffee poured-over and roasted right in their shop, Tranquil Books & Coffee provides visitors “a little corner of calm” with fancy coffee and books in unending chaos of Hanoi.

Some coffee shops in the Old Quarter area that were also mentioned in the blog include Blackbird Coffee and Gấu Coffee and Bakery, which are emerging as the fairly beautiful coffee destinations amid the art stores, tailors, noodle shops or classic colonial architecture.

Other café shops including Atelier Coffee, D’codeS Coffee Lab, and Simple Coffee were also listed as favorable destinations for coffee drinkers in Hanoi. Hanoitimes

Ha An

Coffee on the run

Coffee on the run

The way coffee is bought and consumed in Vietnam is changing as new players work hard to get their name out there.

Four famous coffee shops located in Hanoi perfect for football fans

Four famous coffee shops located in Hanoi perfect for football fans

With Vietnamese football teams busy playing in various regional and international tournaments, here are some suggestions of well-known coffee shops located around Hanoi in which football fans can visit to catch up on the latest action.