Update news showbiz

The 23 pm news program on VTV1 recently mentioned a serious problem in Vietnam’s showbiz – the nicknames given to or promoted by artists.

Artists take extra jobs to earn a living during pandemic

Since the Covid-19 outbreak has caused entertainment activities to be suspended, artists have had to take many different jobs.

Nine celebrity quotes about Vietnam

So we all know how cool, amazing and wonderful Vietnam is.


Ministry stands firm on showbiz work permits

 VietNamNet Bridge – Leaders from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism emphasised that it is necessary to apply work permit rules to singers and models in the country.

Vietnamese celebrities and show-off habit

 VietNamNet Bridge – Big houses, fancy cars, luxury dresses, precious jewelries have become the measure of the “ranking” of Vietnamese celebrities.

Celebrities earn high income, pay low tax

VietNamNet Bridge - According to the latest report, by April 11, only 44 out of 210 artists who were invited to go to the tax offices to make personal income tax declarations have performed this duty.

Young artists who may shine this year

VietNamNet Bridge - They are the names of a lot of potential in the fields of music, fashion and cinema.

Vietnamese celebrities with foreign stage names

VietNamNet Bridge - Although they are Vietnamese, many artists choose “hybrid” stage names or odd stage names to make them different.

The top scandals of V-biz 2012

VietNamNet Bridge – Let’s review the biggest scandals of the Vietnamese showbiz this year.