VietNamNet Bridge introduces the six fields that have become tourist attractions in the northern region of Vietnam.

1. Mu Cang Chai terraced field


Mu Cang Chai has long been a familiar destination of tourists and photographers during the rice season. Located in Yen Bai province, the best rice fields in Mu Cang Chai District are primarily in the three communes of La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and De Xu Phinh.

The terraces in Mu Cang Chai are attractive both when the rice is just green sprouts until September and then in October when the rice fields turn yellow. Standing on the Khau Pha Pass, visitors can admire the magnificent scenery of the northwest mountains with immense rice fields and stilt-houses.

2. Moc Chau white mustard flower fields


About 200km from Hanoi, Moc Chau is a favorite destination of many travelers, particularly in the early winter. At that time the plateau is covered with the pure white color of mustard flowers.

Moc Chau Valley is its most beautiful in the early morning, when the night mist lingers on the branches, leaves and mustard flowers.

3. Moc Chau tea hills


Different from white mustard flower fields in the winter, hills of green tea creates the allure of Moc Chau any time during the year. As a major economic crop here, tourists can see tea hills everywhere in the town.

Especially in December, visitors can see white tea flowers mixed in green leaves, attracting bees and butterflies.

4. Ha Giang buckwheat flower fields


Buckwheat fields along the road from Xi Man to Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang Province are a destination that cannot be missed by travelers in September - October. At this time, buckwheat flower fields in Ha Giang become a hot topic throughout the travel forums in Vietnam.

5. Bac Son Valley, Lang Son province


Bac Son is a district of Lang Son province, about 160km from Hanoi. It is not only known as a long-standing historical site, but also a valley with beautiful rice fields.

To enjoy the panorama of the valley, you have to climb to the top of Bac Son Mountain. Beside the curving river are brilliant shades of colors of rice, mixed with houses on stilts. All combine together to enhance the charming beauty of the valley.

6. Rice fields in Ninh Binh


Located about 110km from Hanoi, along National Highway 1A, Tam Coc-Bich Dong is a well-known tourist destination in Ninh Binh. To tour the inside of the caves, tourists must travel by boat along the Ngo Dong River. Along the road, they will see a countryside painted with beautiful rice fields.

The fields are the most beautiful in late May and early June, when a large area is covered by green and yellow paddy fields.

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