Decree 117 states that anyone who sells cigarettes to the minors will be fined from VND3m (USD129) to VND5m.



A fine of VND200,000 (USD8) to VND500,000 will be applied to those who smoke at no-smoking locations. A fine of VND5m will be applied to those fail to put up warning signs at locations that ban smoking or fail to inspect and urge other people to follow the regulations in the no-smoking areas under their jurisdiction.

Owners will be fined VND5m (USD215) to VND10m if they don't have a suitable ventilation system, ashtrays and warning signs as well as fire safety system at the non-smoking and smoking areas.

Sellers will be fined VND3m to VND5m if they sell cigarettes to the minors and shops will be fined VND1m to VND3m if they don't have warning signs. If the health warnings images on the cigarettes boxes are not in accordance with the regulations, the responsible party will be fined from VND20m to VND30m.

People who encourage or force others to smoke or ask children to buy cigarettes for them will be fined from VND500,000 (USD22) to VND1m.

Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Truong Son said, "Several old regulations were impractical and the fines were too low to be a deterrent."

Many of the fines doubled compared to the previous fines. However, while the public support the higher fees, many people have raised concerned over the thin personnel who monitor and apply the punishment. Without inspectors or monitoring equipment, the smoking fines may prove useless.

A lot of people still smoke on the streets, at the bus stops and at restaurants and they are rarely given a warning let alone be fined. Passers-by and a lot of restaurant owners don't want to have confrontations.

The decree will take effect from November 15. Dtinews