Da Nang to purge illegal beach constructions

Da Nang authorities have urged the removal a large number of constructions built by tourism service providers to clean up access to public beaches for the locals.

Da Nang to purge illegal beach constructions

Many of the constructions are small houses built for beach sports. Some resorts built their own restaurants and toilets on public beaches.

For example, Furama Hotel has a 37-square-metre restaurant and Non Nuoc 2 Resort has two toilets that cover over 20 square metres.

Moreover, the authorities in Ngu Hanh Son District also discovered various violations at 14 resorts.

Many investors built unlicensed constructions including in one instance an unlicensed helipad.


In the past years, many people have filed complaints after various resort and hotel projects in Danang that blocked the view and paths to the beach.

Last year, Danang authorities recalled licenses for stagnant projects to improve the landscape and approved several plans to open public paths to the beach.

Recently, Danang authorities also announced plans to open public paths to the beaches in Ngu Hanh Son District.

Luu Xuan Hung, head of the urban inspection team in Ngu Hanh Son District, said, "In some cases, the land had been transferred to the investors long ago. However, since the city authorities are reviewing and planning to keep a 50-metre strip of land as a public beach, other constructions must be removed. Constructions that do not mar the landscape and fit with the plan can be kept but the investors will be fined."

He went on to say that the team have asked the district urban management to assess each of the existing constructions to reach suitable decisions. Dtinews

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