Disciplinary action taken against Deputy Minister of Finance

The Inspection Commission of the Party Central Committee has issued a warning against Deputy Minister of Finance Huynh Quang Hai, who is also a Party member, for his inappropriate lifestyle and his violations of Party rules.

Deputy Minister of Finance Huynh Quang Hai – PHOTO: DAN TRI NEWSPAPER

The commission said in a statement released today, June 3, that it had looked into signs of violations by the 58-year-old Cabinet member during a session in Hanoi City from May 29 to 31.

Hai was found to have violated the rules on ethics and lifestyle, and Party regulations on the don’ts for its members and on their responsibility for setting an exemplary way of living.

His violations have left negative impacts on the prestige of the Party and the Finance Ministry.

Born in 1961 in the central province of Quang Ngai, he has served as deputy minister of finance since mid-2015. He is in charge of the fields of stock, financial and insurance services, and State management on corporate finance, among others.

Discipline against senior officials at Defense Ministry

Nguyen Van Hien, 65, who served as Deputy Minister of Defense between 2009 and 2016 – PHOTO: VOV

During the session, the commission decided to issue a disciplinary warning to Rear Admiral Le Van Dao, former member of the Party Committee and former Deputy Commander of the Naval Force, for land-related violations.

The commission proposed the Politburo and the Party Secretariat impose disciplinary measures against Admiral Nguyen Van Hien, 65, former Deputy Minister of Defense between 2009 and 2016; and Vice Admiral Nguyen Van Tinh, 74, former Secretary of the Party Committee of the Naval Force and former Political Commissar of the force.

They are both former member of the Party Central Committee and of the Central Military Commission.

It also suggested the Standing Board of the Central Military Commission take a disciplinary measure against the Standing Board of the Party Committee of the Navy Force in the 2005-2010 tenure.

During its previous session in April, the commission concluded that the Standing Board of the Party Committee of the Naval Force under the Defense Ministry had seriously violated the principle of democratic centralism and working regulations, shown a lack of responsibility, and slackened their leadership and inspection.

As a result, a number of officers and Party members in the Naval Force already committed criminal offenses.

Admiral Hien should share the responsibility for the violations and mistakes by the standing board during the time he served as vice secretary of the Party committee and commander of the force.

Hien should also bear the primary responsibility for the wrongdoing of the force in management and use of defense land.

Vice Admiral Tinh should bear the responsibility as a top leader for these mistakes of the standing board.

According to the watchdog, the violations of the standing board and these aforesaid officers have caused great losses of State money and property, negatively affecting the prestige of the Party organization and the army.

Multiple violations of Son La’s Party unit

The Inspection Commission also looked into signs of violations by the Party Committee of Son La Province, which was found to have violated the Party working regulations and have not done right in its leadership, direction and inspections.

Consequently, some violations and shortcomings were committed in staff management work and the execution of some construction projects.

The province’s deputy chairman, Pham Van Thuy, and director of the provincial department of education and training, Hoang Tien Duc, who served as respective head and deputy head of the local steering committee on the 2018 national high school exam, were largely responsible for the violations in the organization of the exam.

The violations caused dire consequences, severely damaging the reputation of the Party unit, the provincial government and the education sector, as well as causing public concerns, according to the commission.

It added that many relevant educators and police officers, who are also Party members, are subject to criminal liability.

Meanwhile, Cam Ngoc Minh, who served as the province’s Party deputy secretary and its chairman, was also held accountable for the wrongdoing of the Party unit in general, and the mismanagement of the provincial government as its leader.

The province’s current Party secretary and chairman of the provincial people’s council, Hoang Van Chat, took his responsibility, as the leader, for the violations and shortcomings of the Party unit.

Based upon Party regulations on disciplinary action against Party members, the commission decided to give a warning to the province’s deputy chairman Thuy and a reprimand to chairman Minh.

The commission suggested the Party Secretariat take disciplinary action against the head of the province’s education and training department Duc, and asked the provincial Party unit to draw experience and take correction measures soon. SGT


Thanh Thom

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