Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

The National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology reported four new cases of COVID-19, raising the total to 222 as of 6am on April 2.

Total cases of COVID-19 rise to 222 on April 2 morning hinh anh 1

Taking sample for test at Bach Mai hospital

Patient 219, a 59-year-old woman from Hung Yen province, took care of a family member who was at the same room with patient 133 at Bach Mai hospital in Hanoi from March 16. She took the test on March 25 after learning of COVID-19 cases at the hospital.

The other three patients, numbered from 220 to 222, were found among those under quarantine after returning from abroad.

Except for patient 220 who had a fever and cough, three other patients are in a stable health condition.

On April 1 evening, the Ministry of Health reported six new COVID-19 cases.

They include two employees of the Truong Sinh Co. Ltd, which provides services for the Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital, a patient who used to visit Bach Mai hospital for medical check-up, and three returning Vietnam from overseas.

Patient 213 is a female, 40, living in the Thanh Ha Urban Area, Cu Khe commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi. After experiencing a fever of 38.6 degrees Celsius, the patient went to the Tropical Centre of Bach Mai Hospital with her husband. After the examination, she returned to the Thanh Ha Urban Area and quarantined herself at home.|

Every day, the patient still went out to take out the trash while wearing a mask, though she did not have contact with other people. The Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases No. 2 test found her positive for SARS-CoV-2. The patient is currently quarantined at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases No. 2 in stable condition.

Patient 214 is a 45-year-old female and Patient 215 is a 31-year-old male, both employees of Truong Sinh Company. The man lives on Truong Chinh street, Phuong Mai ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi. He was quarantined from March 30 to 31 and then sent to the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases.

Patient 216 is a woman, 48, from Quang Ninh province. She was in Germany and transited Russia on her return to Vietnam on Aeroflot flight SU290 on March 23. After entry, she was quarantined at the FPT University in Lang-Hoa Lac, Hanoi.

On March 31, she had a sore throat and on the same day, tested positive for SARS-COV-2. She was sent to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases No. 2 for treatment.

Patient 217 is a female, 25, Vietnamese nationality, with her address in Khanh Son 2, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. She returned from Japan on March 25 on All Nippon Airways flight NH857 (seat 31K). After entry, she was quarantined at the FPT University. From March 31, she was treated at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases No. 2.

Patient 218 is a 43-year-old woman of Vietnamese nationality, with her address in Phu Xa district, Thai Nguyen province. The patient returned home on Aeroflot flight SU290 (seat number 46G) from Russia on March 25. After entry, she was quarantined at the FPT University. From March 31, she was quarantined and treated at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases No. 2.

To date, 63 COVID-19 patients have recovered, 54 have tested negative once and 43 have tested negative twice.

Vietnam has enforced nationwide social distancing for 15 days since April 1 with the aim of curbing the spread of COVID-19 in the community. The country has no death from the disease so far.

Social distancing begins in central region

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

A take-away coffee shop in Đà Nẵng. All online and take-away food and coffee shops will be closed from April 2 as social distancing sets in to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Online and take-away food and coffee shops will shut down from April 2 following a decision released on Wednesday in response to the Prime Minister’s social distancing decision.

Only chemists, food stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, banks, and power, water supply and telecommunications services will be allowed to stay open.

Also on Tuesday, eight bus routes were closed to limit travel and close contact among people. Offices were warned to work online or cut office-based staff by 50 per cent.

Bus routes connecting Đà Nẵng with Thừa Thiên-Huế and Quảng Nam have been shut, while only one daily return flight will be operated from Đà Nẵng to Hà Nội and HCM City, respectively.

More than 900 people were being monitored at medical centres, households and hotels, while 4,991 people had completed their isolation time as of today. In total 2,034 had tested negative for SARS-CoV-2.

In Quảng Nam Province, social distancing began in all city, districts and communes from Wednesday.

Eight checkpoints have been set up to provide heath checks and declarations for all passengers from other provinces or foreign countries travelling to the province.

The province has been isolating 615 foreigners and 246 Vietnamese nationals who had close contact with COVID-19 positive cases. More than 1,100 people had finished their quarantine periods as of Wednesday, while 702 samples had tested negative.

Two quarantine centres have been set up in Quảng Ngãi Province providing 800 beds for possible cases of COVID-19. A donation of 1,000 face mask was made by Thiên Tân company to contribute in to fight against the pandemic. No cases of the virus have been confirmed in the province thus far.

Thừa Thiên-Huế Province on Tuesday welcomed 700 Vietnamese workers returning from Laos. They have been taken to isolation sites for further health checks and monitoring for two weeks as regulated.

The province has 5,300 people in isolation centres, and 1,059 medical samples out of 1,625 have tested negative for COVID-19.

Huế Central Hospital has been caring for two COVID-19 patients (no 30 and 31). Earlier, two patients were released from the hospital.

Friendship association presents face masks to Italy

The Vietnam-Italy Friendship Association has presented over 41,500 face masks to Italy to help Italian people in the fight against the COVID-19.

The association’s representatives recently handed over the gift to the Embassy of Italy in Vietnam, said the association’s Vice Chairman - former Ambassador to Italy Dang Khanh Thoai.

Thoai said the masks are donated by people who love the Italian country, adding that the relief is part of a campaign initiated by the association to support the European country which is struggling against the pandemic.

For his part, Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Antonio Alessandro expressed his gratitude for the support of the Vietnamese people and the Vietnam-Italy Friendship Association, as Vietnam is also exerting efforts in the fight against the global pandemic.

He voiced his belief that the COVID-19 will soon be repelled in Vietnam and Italy as well as across the globe.

The bilateral relations will continue to thrive, benefitting people of the two nations and contributing to peace and friendship of the world, he added.

Italy is among the hardest hit nations in the COVID-19 pandemic, with total 110,570 cases as of April 2 and the world’s highest death toll of more than 13,150.

Man attacks hospital guard after being asked to wear face mask

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

People have been ordered to wear face masks in public places to curb the spread of COVID-19.

A man has been arrested in the northern province of Phú Thọ for assaulting a hospital security guard who asked him to wear a face mask.

Phạm Hồng Hải, 35 , from the northern province of Tuyên Quang, allegedly attacked a security guard at Hùng Vương General Hospital on Monday evening while he, together with two other men, was taking an injured man to the hospital.

The security guard asked Hải to put a face mask on but rather than complying he rounded on the man, verbally and physically assaulting him.

The hospital’s security team quickly escorted Hải from the premises.

The guard suffered bruising to the eyes and face, said head of the hospital’s Organisation and Legal Affairs Department Nguyễn Đức Nhưng.

The hospital reported the incident to Đoan Hùng District Police, who summoned Hải for questioning.

Hải was reportedly involved in a traffic accident on Monday evening in which a car crashed into a motorbike in Đội Cấn Commune, Tuyên Quang City. Hải was the car driver.

The motorbike driver Phạm Văn Sanh, 29, from Sơn Dương District, Tuyên Quang Province was diagnosed with brain trauma at the hospital.

He is undergoing treatment.

To curb the spread of COVID-19, people in Việt Nam are asked to wear face masks and frequently wash their hands with soap, especially in public spaces like hospitals and offices. People without face masks in public places during the pandemic face fines from VNĐ100,000 to VNĐ300,000 (US$ 4 -12).

HCM City hospitals send health staff to homes of seniors

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

A patient is provided physical therapy at HCM City Traditional Medicine Institute. Hospitals in HCM City will send their health staff to people's homes to examine and treat people aged more than 60 who suffer from chronic or common diseases.

People aged more than 60 who suffer from chronic and common diseases are eligible to use examination and treatment services provided by hospitals at home and be covered by health insurance, according to the city's Department of Health.

Hospitals will send their doctors and nurses to homes of seniors needing treatment.

For seniors who live too far from hospitals and need periodic treatment, hospital doctors can examine and treat via telemedicine by using telephone. If patients’ health is stable, they should continue their prescribed medicines for the next month.

Health staff will also bring medicine to patients’ homes. Patients’ relatives can also go to hospitals to pick up medicine.

Hospital leaders are responsible for the examination, treatment and provision of medicine at patients’ homes. They should assign and strictly manage their staff, who must have a certificate that allows them to provide this kind of service.

Hospitals should also co-operate with health stations in communes and wards where patients live to transfer patients with stable chronic diseases to the latter for surveillance to reduce overcrowding at hospitals.

HCM City: Round-the-clock hotlines opened to obtain COVID-19 feedback

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee on April 1 launched round-the-clock hotlines to receive reports, feedback, and complaints from citizens, businesses, and organisations on local COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

The hotlines - 1022 (ext. 3) and (028) 3824 9000 - were opened for city leaders to hear the response to local preventive efforts against the pandemic.

The municipal Department of Information and Communications has publicised locations of over 1,000 shops selling anti-bacterial and anti-droplet masks citywide at or

The masks are on sale at a large number of local convenience stores and supermarkets, such as Co.opmart, Co.opXtra, Co.opFood, Satrafoods, VinMart, VinMart , Big C, Lotte Mart, and Aeon.

The department plans to launch an iOS and Android-based app to update residents on the current COVID-19 situation in the city, and will cooperate with the city’s Department of Industry and Trade to provide information on markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, and wholesale outlets selling essential goods.

Health Ministry announces official fanpage on local social network

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

Health Ministry's fanpage on Lotus

The Ministry of Public Health announced on April 1 the launch of a fanpage called “Bo Y Te” (Health Ministry) on Lotus, a Vietnamese social network platform, on March 15, in order to promote recommendations on tackling COVID-19.

The ministry’s official fanpage will publish directions from the Government, the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control, and the ministry relating to the pandemic and provide updated information on the situation in Vietnam and around the world.

The launch of the fanpage expresses the ministry’s determination to intensify communications activities to raise public awareness about the pandemic.

Subscribers to the official fanpage must download the Lotus app from the Appstore or CH Play on mobile phones or tablets, or visit

As of March 30, 15 days after its creation, the fanpage had nearly 5,100 followers and had received thousands of comments each day.


Russian radio praises Vietnam’s COVID-19 prompt response

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

A street with a poster calling for joint efforts in the COVID-19 combat in Vietnam

Russian radio Sputnik has lauded the Vietnamese Government’s prompt response to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, especially its decision to declare a nationwide epidemic and social-distancing order.

The radio quoted experts as saying that the nationwide epidemic announcement at a time when the number of COVID-19 cases in Vietnam stands at only more than 200 has demonstrated the government’s timely reaction.

The declaration has helped the government, agencies and people make preparedness for the disease combat, experts said, adding that the announcement at such an early date has also enabled the government to use strict quarantine measures in order to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Thanks to the decision, Vietnam has completely barred imported cases via roads, waterways, air and sea routes, the radio said.

According to Sputnik, Vietnam has done well in the disease control, quarantine and treatment work, with the participation of the army, public security force and health workers.

With such drastic measures as well as cooperation, solidarity and law observance of Vietnamese people, and great efforts of the forces involved, Vietnam is likely to contain the pandemic and stamp it out at the approach of the summer, the radio said.

Nearly 29 million USD raised for COVID-19 fight

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

The VFF central Committee receives funds from the Party Central Committee Office, the Government Office, the National Assembly Office, and the President Office (Photo:

The Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee announced on April 1 that over 683 billion VND (28.9 million USD) has been raised from organisations and individuals since the fundraising campaign for the COVID-19 fight was launched on March 17.

According to Vice President of the committee Nguyen Huu Dung, the amount is rising after each hour.

The same day, it received funds worth 420 million from the Party Central Committee Office, 325 million VND from the Government Office, 400 million VND from the National Assembly Office, and 30 million VND from the President Office, and 500 million VND from the State Treasury.

The committee will quickly transfer the funds to the Ministry of Health for buying medical equipment and necessities, and support those who are directly involved in the prevention of the pandemic and those in quarantine areas, Dung said.

HCM City to strictly manage delivery of goods

The HCM City Department of Health on March 31 instructed relevant agencies and local authorities to strictly manage delivery of goods by restaurants, food stores and supermarkets.

Speaking during an online meeting with the city's Steering Board for COVID-19 Prevention and Control held on March 31, Nguyen Tan Binh, the head of the department, said that companies must keep a record of where and to whom they are delivering goods.

These records will help identify anyone who has had contact with people at a high risk of contracting COVID-19 and will help speed up quarantine, if needed, Binh said.

Pham Khanh Phong Lan, head of the city's Food Safety and Hygiene Management Authority, has instructed people’s committees in all 24 districts to inform food trade establishments, enterprises and individuals delivering goods about the need to carry out to preventive measures such as wearing masks and washing hands with sanitisers.

Buyers must keep at least two metres from others while standing in queues or receiving goods from delivery people, Lan said.

Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai, the department’s chief of the secretariat, said that nearly 80 doctors and nurses who are examining and treating COVID-19 patients at HCM City hospitals will be staying free at a hotel run by TTC Hospitality after their working shift every day to ensure safety for their family.

They will also receive free meals and other services at hotels thanks to the sponsorship of Orient Commercial Bank.

Meanwhile, Sai Gon Water Corporation will not charge for water use at disadvantaged households and quarantine areas for three months.

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has asked the Prime Minister and relevant ministries to approve exemption or reduction in charges for energy use by certain people in the country affected by COVID-19.

EVN in HCM City is maintaining its operation and repair services. Customers can contact EVN through its website and customer care app as well as its website if they have a problem relating to electricity.

Vietnamese firm contributes to COVID-19 combat in Laos

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

At the hand-over ceremony

Xekaman 1 Power Ltd., Co under Viet-Laos Power JSC on April 1 donated 30,000 USD to the COVID-19 combat of the Lao government and people.

The donation was handed to the Lao Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Somdy Duangdy.

Addressing the hand-over ceremony, Dinh Ngoc Diep, chief representative of Viet-Laos Power JSC, thanked the Lao government for facilitating the company’s operation in the country over the past years.

Through the donation, the company hopes to join hands with the Lao government and people to soon contain and stamp out the pandemic, he said.

Somdy Duangdy said the gift has demonstrated not only the company’s social responsibility but also sentiments and special relations between Vietnam and Laos.

COVID-19 patients increase in Southeast Asian countries

Malaysia on April 1 announced an additional 142 cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection, bringing the total number of COVID-19 patients in the country to 2,908.

Malaysia now has the highest number of novel coronavirus infections in Southeast Asia. The Malaysian Health Ministry said the country had recorded 45 deaths due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the Philippines reported 227 more COVID-19 cases and eight deaths. In total, this Southeast Asian nation recorded 2,311 infections and 96 fatalities from the disease.

Also the same day, Thailand's Ministry of Public Health confirmed 120 more cases of COVID-19 and two deaths from the disease. The new cases are local residents, returnees from abroad, including those who came to Indonesia to attend religious events, and a health worker. The majority of new infections have been recorded in the capital city of Bangkok.

Thailand has so far confirmed 1,771 COVID-19 cases, including 12 deaths.

Another coronavirus hotspot in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has just announced 149 more COVID-19 cases and 21 deaths from the disease. According to Indonesian health official Achmad Yurianto, the country has recorded a total of 1,677 SARS-CoV-2 infections, including 157 deaths and 103 recoveries.

Two COVID-19 patients in Ninh Thuan now free of coronavirus

Two men found to have contracted the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 after a trip to Malaysia have recovered, the General Hospital of the southern central province of Ninh Thuan announced on April 1 morning.

One of them is Case 61, 42 years old, who was hospitalised on March 15 and confirmed to be positive for the novel coronavirus on March 16.

The other is a 36-year-old person who was sent to the hospital on March 17 and confirmed as Case 67 on the next day.

Both of them reside in Van Lam 3 hamlet of Phuoc Nam commune, Ninh Thuan’s Thuan Nam district.

Doctor Thai Phuong Phien, Director of the Ninh Thuan General Hospital, said after finishing treatment, they will continue to be quarantined and monitored for an additional 14 days as regulated by the Ministry of Health.

The two men and three others, also from Phuoc Nam commune, travelled to Malaysia to attend a religious event on February 27. Then, they boarded Flight VJ826 from Malaysia to Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City on March 4. After arriving in Ninh Thuan on March 5, Case 61 attended several activities and had contact with many locals.

After the 61st patient was confirmed, Ninh Thuan’s authorities quarantined the entire Van Lam 3 hamlet, which is home to 981 households with over 5,000 people, in 28 days, starting at 8pm on March 17.

The province has also sent 150 people with close contact with the 61st and 67th patients to concentrated quarantine facilities. Among them, 134 have finished their quarantine period.

Ho Chi Minh City basically contains COVID-19 hotbeds

Ho Chi Minh City's Health Department said the city has basically contained the local clusters of COVID-19, adding that the city recorded 49 COVID-19 infection cases as of 7pm on March 31, 11 of them fully recovered.

Among 196 samples collected from those who were related to the Buddha bar in District 1, 166 tested negative for SARS-CoV-2, 11 positive, and 19 are waiting for results.

Of more than 2,900 people who had contact with them, four were found positive, 505 negative and more than 2,400 on the waiting list.

The medical sector collected 306 samples from Muslims in District 8, including those who had close contact with patients and attended a ceremony at a local mosque. All of them have tested negative. At present, 176 are under concentrated quarantine at the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City and 122 others self-quarantine at home.

No new infection has been detected among this group since March 15.

Up to 179 samples from those who attended a funeral in Binh Chanh district were also collected, with 86 negative and 93 others still waiting. Since March 23, no new infection case has been found among this group.

Three more COVID-19 patients released from Củ Chi field hospital

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam

The patients leave Củ Chi Hospital for Acute Respiratory Diseases. Photo

Three COVID-19 patients were discharged from HCM City’s Củ Chi Hospital for Acute Respiratory Diseases this morning after making a full recovery.

They are patients 45, 48 and 64.

Patient No. 45, residing in Tân Bình District of HCM City, was hospitalised on March 12 after having close contact with patient No. 34 on March 4.

During treatment in the hospital, the 27-year-old patient tested negative three times for SARS-CoV-2.

Patient No. 48, living in the city’s District 10, who is a colleague of patient No.45, was hospitalised on March 14. He also tested negative three times.

Patient No. 64, a resident of District 8, tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on March 17 after she entered Việt Nam at Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport from Switzerland via Dubai on March 12 and was taken to a quarantine facility.

The 34-year-old tested negative on March 23, 25 and 28.

All three patients will be monitored at home for the next 14 days.

Two days ago, Củ Chi Hospital for Acute Respiratory Diseases also released seven patients who had recovered from COVID-19.

The total number of patients to have recovered from the disease in HCM Ctiy has reached 15, while there are 63 across the country.

Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam
Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam
Latest coronavirus news in Vietnam


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Vietnam confirms two more imported COVID-19 cases, tally at 1,107
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Vietnam confirmed two more COVID-19 cases, both imported, between 6am and 6pm on October 10, raising the national tally to 1,107, according to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

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Flood submerges central Vietnam
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Flooding caused by torrential downpours in central Vietnam has taken five lives, injured four people while eight have gone missing.

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The first images of HCM City's metro train and Long Binh depot
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The first carriages of the Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien metro train, transported from Kasado port (Japan), arrived in HCM City's Khanh Hoi Port on October 8. They were then transported to Long Binh depot in District 9 on October 10.

International flights to Vietnam suspended, waiting for quarantine standards
International flights to Vietnam suspended, waiting for quarantine standards
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Air carriers have temporarily suspended international flights to Vietnam to wait for specific instructions on quarantine standards.

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Vietnam's most modern bus station opens in HCM City
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The new Mien Dong Bus Station in HCM City’s District 9 will start operation on October 10 after a long delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bringing a measure of happiness to Yen Bai
Bringing a measure of happiness to Yen Bai
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For the first time ever in Vietnam, a happiness index has been included in a provincial plan for socio-economic development as a key indicator besides conventional metrics such as GDP, poverty rate, employment and social investment.

Vietnam does well on inequality reduction commitment
Vietnam does well on inequality reduction commitment
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Vietnam has done well on the Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index (CRII), coming second within ASEAN, and ranking 77 out of 158 countries this year, according to a new analysis from Oxfam and the Development Finance International.

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Vietnam’s skill contests gradually approach world quality
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With adjustments and changes, the national skills contest is coming closer to regional and world quality standards.

Helpful boy passes tough competition to medical university
Helpful boy passes tough competition to medical university
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A medical university has offered free training to a student in Thanh Hoa Province after his moving story of helping a disabled friend at school was shared.

PM asks for non-stop toll collections to go into service immediately
PM asks for non-stop toll collections to go into service immediately
SOCIETYicon  09/10/2020 

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued a directive to accelerate the application of automated non-stop toll collection services nationwide.

Flags and flowers spotted throughout Hanoi to celebrate major events
Flags and flowers spotted throughout Hanoi to celebrate major events
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Many streets in the capital have been decorated with national flags along with colourful flowers and banners as part of celebrations to mark 1,010 years of Thang Long-Hanoi and the upcoming 17th municipal Party Congress.

Flood-hit areas evacuated in Hoi An
Flood-hit areas evacuated in Hoi An
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Houses and restaurants along the Hoai River in Hoi An were evacuated on Thursday afternoon after floodwater breached many buildings following three days of uninterrupted rain.

Precious images of heroic Hanoi
Precious images of heroic Hanoi
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Hanoi represents the nation’s spirit of determination and strength. It is the only Asia Pacific locality to have been granted the "City for Peace" title by the UNESCO on July 16, 1999.

Precious images of heroic Hanoi
Precious images of heroic Hanoi
SOCIETYicon  09/10/2020 

Hanoi represents the nation’s spirit of determination and strength. It is the only Asia Pacific locality to have been granted the "City for Peace" title by the UNESCO on July 16, 1999.

Latest Coronavirus News in Vietnam & Southeast Asia October 9
Latest Coronavirus News in Vietnam & Southeast Asia October 9
SOCIETYicon  09/10/2020 

No new COVID-19 cases in community on October 9 morning

Five dead, six missing due to severe floods
Five dead, six missing due to severe floods
SOCIETYicon  09/10/2020 

Severe floods, caused by torrential rains in recent days, made five people dead and six others missing as of October 8 morning.

Natural disasters cause economic losses of over 215 million USD this year
Natural disasters cause economic losses of over 215 million USD this year
SOCIETYicon  09/10/2020 

Economic losses caused by natural disasters in Vietnam this year to September 27 had amounted to VND5 trillion (over $215 million), it was reported at a meeting held in the central province of Quang Binh on October 8.

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