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Power demand in Vietnam has increased by 10% per annum, which has required the country to use clean energy technologies, including rooftop solar power, to maintain high economic growth.

An Hao Solar Power Plant operates efficiently: USAID Vietnam

During a recent meeting with officials of the Sao Mai Group, Ms. Christine Gandomi, deputy director of the Program Development Office for USAID Vietnam, said: “The An Hao Solar Power Plant operates with very high efficiency.”

US exempts tariffs on solar panels imported from Vietnam

US President Joe Biden on June 6 announced a 24-month tax exemption for solar panels imported from four Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, to promote clean energy production in the country.

Bidding mechanism to be applied to unfinished solar, wind power projects

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has submitted a statement to the Prime Minister on a bidding mechanism which allows purchase of electricity from solar and wind power projects which remain unfinished.

Solar, wind power: gap between plans and reality

The Government Inspectorate has decided to inspect the observance of policies and laws in the implementation of planning and investment in the construction of power projects under the Power Master Plan VII and the revised Power Master Plan VII.

Government inspectors visit power plants, MOIT wants list of solar, wind projects

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Dang Hoang An has asked localities to compile the lists of wind and solar power plants in their areas.

AC Energy acquires 49% of solar firm based in Vietnam

AC Energy (ACEN), a subsidiary of Filipino billionaire Jaime Zobel de Ayala’s Ayala Corp, has agreed to buy a 49% stake in Solar NT, a unit of Thailand’s Super Energy Corp. operating in Vietnam, according to

Thai company buys two more solar plants in Vietnam

Thai energy company Banpu PCL has agreed to acquire the companies holding a 50-MW portfolio of two solar parks in Vietnam in a deal worth 26.7 million USD, according to the company.

Solutions coming thick and fast for draft PDP

According to a report published by the World Bank, Vietnam can develop 5-10GW of offshore wind power by 2030, generating about $60 billion in added value.

No more wind and solar power sources to be added this year

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will not add any more wind and solar power into this year's plan, due to a lack of input facilities to transfer them to the national grid.


Energy development – strategic task towards industrialisation

Developing energy is a strategic task to realise the goal of industrialisation and modernisation.

2021 remains gap year for solar developers

After a boom in solar development thanks to incentives given in 2020, Vietnam held back due to a policy gap that has pushed investors into an awkward situation this year.

Solar cells, wind turbine blades: the waste of the next decade

Wind and solar power plants will emit huge amounts of waste of up to hundreds of thousands of tons in the next 10 years.

Vietnam among top 10 countries with largest installed solar power capacity

Visual Capitalist has listed Vietnam among the world’s top 10 for largest installed solar power capacity.

Millions of US dollars poured into green growth projects

Capital flows into green growth projects have still seen positive signals despite adverse impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic on foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam.

Experts discuss obstacles for rooftop solar power

Solar experts have raised difficulties and problems in policies and procedures for investment, installation and operation of solar power systems in Vietnam at a seminar.

A paradox of power consumption and generation

Renewable energy output is being reduced even as Vietnam is seeing blackouts as power consumption is off the charts.

Power plan revised to render market more competitive

The government this month requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade to review and re-submit the Power Development Plan VIII as the scheme is geared towards speeding up establishment of a competitive electricity market.

Record hot weather in North, power shortages could occur

In the most recent heat wave in northern Vietnam, electricity consumption has set "historic peaks".

Solar PV market under duress from dependence on imports

As one of the fastest-developing countries in solar thanks to the current feed-in tariff, Vietnam’s billion-dollar solar panel market is mostly dominated by foreign investors and depending on imports.