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Na Ka plum valley on Moc Chau plateau

Moc Chau plateau in the northern mountain province of Son La has long been on the traveler’s radar because of its fields of flowers and green tea hills that stretch to the horizon.

Tailings dam incidents pollute waterways

Tailings, the materials left over after the ore sorting process, are mostly discharged into dams and reservoirs. Disasters occur when the dams and reservoirs break down, leaking water into the environment and threatening people’s health.

Ethnic minority man makes community tourism new specialty of Son La

Hua Tat has emerged as a popular tourist destination in Van Ho district, Son La province, for its Mong ethnic culture and traditions.

Efforts in improving environment at tourism sites

The surrounding environment is a major factor determining the return of holidaymakers. Realising the importance of this, many localities have begun to tackle environment problems.

Son La residents shocked about hydropower proposal in natural reserve

VietNamNet Bridge - If the 4MW hydropower plant is built as projected, more than 28 hectares of forest land in Xuan Nha Natural Reserve in Son La province will disappear, and 16.9 hectares of the special-use forest will be eliminated.