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Danang suspends tours to Son Tra Peninsula due to landslides

Danang City authorities have temporarily halted sightseeing tours and other tourism activities on the Son Tra Peninsula due to rain-triggered landslides.

The man who takes photos of rare migratory birds on Son Tra peninsula

Over the past three years, Mr. Huy has made dozens of mountains climbing trips, meticulously camouflaged to hunt images of rare migratory birds in Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang city.

Expats join local people to clean up coastal city

A group of foreigners living in the central coastal city of Da Nang has joined hands with local people to clean up the area around the Son Tra Peninsula, which is considered the city’s “green lungs”.

Da Nang City urges protection of endangered primate population

Authorities of Son Tra District, in co-operation with the Centre of Biodiversity Conservation and GreenViet, have started researching the protection of the rhesus macaque monkey to drive troupes of monkeys back to the Son Tra Nature Reserve, Da Nang.

European Union funds biodiversity conservation project in central VN

The European Union (EU) is funding a biodiversity protection and environmental sustainability project in central Da Nang City in 42 months from July 2020, to the end of December 2023, with total funding of 650,000 euros.

Da Nang monkeys flood city in search of food

Hundreds of monkeys from the Son Tra Peninsula in Danang City have recently flocked into the city to seek food.

An old eye of the sea

Tien Sa is a 120-year-old lighthouse constructed in the French colonial period. The lighthouse in the central coast city of Danang is a place where tourists can have panoramic views of Danang, Hue and even the entire Quang Nam Province from above.

Six-man squad protects animals in Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Nature Reserve is known as the “green lung” of Da Nang City with a diverse eco-system and thousands of flora and fauna species.

Scientist honored for work on environmental conservation, preservation of red-shanked douc langurs

Le Thi Trang, 34, deputy director of GreenViet, has been honored as one of 10 “Hotspot Heroes” by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).

Monkey injured by human activities on Son Tra Peninsula

Many monkeys have been injured by human activities on the Son Tra Peninsula in Danang City.

Coral reefs restoration begins in Son Tra Peninsula

Members of the SaSa Marine animal rescue team have been restoring a complex of coral reefs on the coastal area of the Son Tra peninsula, reviving the already damaged coral reefs for prolonged existence of ocean species in the area.

Grey-shanked douc langurs on Son Tra peninsula

Visiting Son Tra Peninsula these days, holidaymakers have the chance to see with their own eyes the everyday life of grey-shanked douc langurs – one of the world’s critically endangered primates.

What goes around comes around

A man from the central city of Da Nang recently took his wife and children out on a motorbike trip to Son Tra Peninsula for a weekend retreat.

Waste and wastewater problems in Da Nang, the 'livable city'

With rapid urbanization, pollution caused by waste has become a threat to the sustainable development of Da Nang, considered the most livable city in Vietnam.

Da Nang authorities at fault for several violations on Son Tra Peninsula

The Government Inspectorate has released a report on land use and conservation-related violations on Son Tra Peninsula, which implicates authorities in Da Nang.

Co Tien Sa, one of Vietnam’s most beautiful lighthouses

Lying dormant on the Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang city, Co Tien Sa lighthouse is considered as one of the best places for visitors to admire panoramic views of the city from above.

Endangered species decline as wildlife trafficking continues

Vietnam remains a hot spot for wildlife hunting and trafficking despite efforts to curtail it.

Trash threatens Da Nang coral reef

Son Tra peninsula has one of the country’s most stunning coral reefs with economic and natural value. However, with increasing tourism activities, rubbish has become a major threat to the coral reef.

Tourists asked not to feed wildlife on Son Tra Peninsula

Authorities in the central city of Da Nang have warned tourists not to feed local monkeys, the Vietnam News Agency.

Wild monkeys changing eating habits in Da Nang peninsula

Wild monkeys have been flocking to tourist sites to seek food in Son Tra Peninsula in the central city of Da Nang which is posing dangers for both tourists and the animals themselves.