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“There’s No One At All” will be permanently deleted and his company M-TP Entertainment fined VNĐ 70 million over the controversial violent and suicidal content, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism confirmed on Thursday.

Son Tung M-TP's music video removed following controversy over suicidal content

Vietnamese singer Son Tung M-TP's official video for the track "There’s No One At All" was taken down from YouTube Vietnam, amid controversy over its suicidal and violent content.

Huyen My nominated among 100 Most Beautiful Faces worldwide

Huyen My, the first runner-up at Miss Vietnam 2014, has been listed among a range of nominees for the annual 100 Most Beautiful Faces, as formally announced by prestigious website TC Candler.

Pop singer accused of Charlie Puth plagiarism

 Pop singer Son Tung M-TP has been accused of plagiarising Charlie Puth's latest hit, the Heyder Remix of We Don't Talk Anymore.