POP STARS - South Korean singer and songwriter Paul Kim collaborates with Vietnamese singers Min (R) and Ly Ly in the YouTube show Eye Contact Live. Photo courtesy of Forest Studio

During the show, Kim has collaborations with talented female singers and songwriters Min and Ly Ly, featuring his hits such as Every Day, Every Moment.

The singer mentioned in an introduction teaser on YouTube that he was honoured to be the first international artist to participate in Eye Contact Live.

He also expressed his happiness with collaborations with Min and Ly Ly and praised the two singers' beautiful voices.

Kim started his music career in 2014 and is one of South Korea’s most prominent ballad singers.

He has released two full-length albums. Each album has two parts, the first one consisting of The Road (2017) and Tunnel (2018), and the second including Heart, One (2019) and Heart, Two (2020).

In 2018, he hit No 1 on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart with the single Me After You.

He has performed soundtracks from several TV series such as Every Day, Every Moment, a soundtrack from Should We Kiss? in 2018, So Long from Hotel Del Luna in 2019, and You Remember from The Glory in 2022.

Kim’s performances in Eye Contact Live are expected to be broadcast on YouTube on May 12 and 20.

Eye Contact Live, produced by Forest Studio, premiered on its YouTube channel in April 2021.

The show has attracted dozens of famous Vietnamese singers and songwriters such as Bùi Công Nam, Hứa Kim Tuyền, Trung Quân, and Văn Mai Hương.

During the show, the artists covered popular Vietnamese songs, such as Ta Chẳng Còn Ai (No One Beside), Thà Làm Hạt Mưa Bay (I Love Being A Raindrop), and Tình Yêu Mang Theo (Fading Love).

They also performed their own songs featuring love, youth and family such as Lý Do Nào Để Yêu Em (The Reason Why I Love You) by Bùi Công Nam, Ta Quên Nhau Chưa (Have We Forgotten Each Other) by Hứa Kim Tuyền, and Chuyện Nhà Bé Thôi, Con Đừng Về (Just Family Stuff, You Don’t Need to Come Back Home) by Kai Đinh.

The performances were recorded at familiar spots such as grocery stores and street coffee shops, or during bus trips. The singers’ pretty voices combined with familiar songs and places in the show have left a deep impression on audiences.

The show has released more than 60 music videos, attracting thousands of millions of views. — VNS