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As the Government has large state owned enterprises (SOEs), it needs to assign them tasks of national stature.

Assessment method of SOEs should be changed: economist

If Vietnam doesn’t change the way of assessing state owned enterprises (SOEs), enterprises will not be motivated to develop and will maintain low growth rates to “stay safe”.

Plans afoot to aid fortunes of state-owned enterprises

Acall has been made for Vietnam to revise the regulations on the management and use of state capital in enterprises to create state-owned groups that can operate more effectively and contribute more to national economic development 

New policy can change owner limit approach

 Attracting international investment flows into state-owned enterprises by increasing foreign ownership limits will bring equal treatment between domestic and overseas investors. 

Accelerating relentless equitisation

The Vietnamese government has made the latest bold move in a bid to further accelerate the long-lasting equitisation of state-owned enterprises. 

SCIC’s role in state invested enterprises dim and unclear

Holding a huge asset of the state, contributing capital into many big enterprises and considered the biggest and most powerful investor in Vietnam, the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) has been playing a very dim role in the businesses.